Achieve a dreamy and exotic look with these four sets of dramatic makeup elements. Discover luxurious Arabian/Bollywood styles, the magic of Hollywood movie makeup, or create sweet and cute Japanese/Korean styles. Each style is set apart with a completely different look, but you can feel free to experiment and combine them together for your own unique designs. This bonus further expands the dramatic impact templates already built in to FaceFilter3.

* The samples shown below are individual Element Templates for selected features. For the complete list of Master Templates, please refer to the
  add- content Makeup PRO.

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Asian Beauty – Enlarge Eyes and Add Creases

Apply eyeliner templates especially made for creaseless Asian eyes. Use various styles of crease and eyeliner templates to enlarge your eyes. Different crease opening directions help you to find the best fit for your particular eye type.

Eyeliner Template
High Crease_A High Crease_B Higher Crease_A Higher Crease_B Inner Close_A
Inner Close_B Inner Open_A Inner Open_B Low Crease_A Low Crease_A
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Bollywood – Exotic, Sexy, and Luxurious

Dramatic eye shadow and eyeliner styles bring you directly into a Bollywood wonderland with a single click. Styles range from shimmery metallic effects with bold colors to heavy-stroke eyeliner and glittery eyeshadow. Experience the exotic style with this collection!

Eye Shadow Template
Dark Gold Dark Green Green Peacock Phoenix
Purple Shining Red Sliver Verdant White Light
Eye Makeup Template
Dark Gold Dark Green Phoenix Sliver White Light
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Hollywood Magic – Reveal Your Inner Superstar

We've all dreamed of being a superstar at one point of our lives, and now is your chance to help bring that dream to life! An eclectic selection of classic and crazy Hollywood styles are here for you to try out. Be a superman, runway model, or even a pale-faced vampire!

Facial Makeup Template
Bulge Cheek Muscular Super Man Vampire
Cleopatra Sunburn Supermodel Vintage
Highlight and Contour Template
Bulge Cheek Muscular Super Man Vampire
Cleopatra Supermodel
* To view the complete makeup results, please check the Dramatic samples and other related templates in Makeup PRO.
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Glamorous Eyes – Mysterious Gaze

You no longer need to wear cosmetic lenses for that intoxicating or mysterious look. The Glamorous Eyes set is sure to draw attention to your eyes with dazzling diamond or jewel patterns. There’s more variety as well. Choose from magical rainbow, vicious vampire, scary zombie, and more!

Iris Template
Cat_Blue Cat_Golden Diamond_Blue Diamond_Gray Diamond_Pink
Flower Galaxy Mandala Opal Rainbow
Vampire Phoenix

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