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Editing Environment

Easy & Complete Editing Environment

  • The dock-able user interface helps you easily arrange your own custom working environment.
  • One-click access to visual templates for makeover changes, facial reshaping, and post photo effects.
  • Quickly switch between skin refinement, contour sculpting, or eye makeup with the Beauty Center.
  • Apply further detail enhancements on any selected feature with the Modify Panel.

Lossless Editing

  • Freely rescale images for optimal image processing speed.
  • Support RAW image formats to retain the highest image quality. Up to 6000x6000 (PRO Only!).
  • All image processing is based on your original image. No matter if it's a RAW or JPG file, there's no image degradation even after numerous project re-editing. (PRO Only!)

*We also support DNG format import. You may easily convert any RAW images into DNG files without quality loss. Try it with the free conversion tool from Adobe here.

Three Different View Modes to See the Difference

  • Three viewing modes to best compare your photos' before and after.
  • Holding the right mouse button in the After view lets you temporarily switch to the Before view.
  • The Splitter view allows you to drag the divider to compare before and after.
  • With Dual view, you can see the before/after difference, side by side.
  • Click to zoom the focal area.

Accurate Results with Detailed Face Fitting

  • Frame-select the face, and then rotate to align with head orientation for easy makeup editing.
  • Further define the fitting points for eyes, brows, nose, mouth (open or closed), and face contours.
  • Redefine your brow or lip shape when applying makeup.

Over 400 Visual Templates to Change Looks

  • More than 400 embedded content and 50 categories.
  • Templates designed by professional studios, using real life makeup principles.
  • Up to 20 layers of masking effects to achieve ultimate realism.
  • Easily save custom designed templates for future use.

See how we design the makeup system

Advanced Enhancement Through Modify Panels

Modify Panel & Beauty Center for All Settings

  • After applying each template effect, you can balance the strength inside the Beauty Center and Modify Panel.
  • Toggle the On/Off feature to show, or hide the entire effect.
  • Custom design and fine-tune the effect in the Modify Panel such as the palette library, color setting, texture pattern, and image layer. (PRO Only!)

Define Effect Areas with the Mask Tools & the Layer Manager

  • Lasso or paint to mask your target area with custom brush size and alpha strength.
  • Edge smooth or expand/shrink mask with the Feathering Tool.
  • Define the foreground and background for the DOF process.
  • Freely modify existing templates or custom design your own image layers.
  • Up to 4 mask layers for Highlights and Contours, 3 layers for Blush, and 7 layers for Eye Shadow designs.
  • Add custom image layers, or show/hide, rename, and delete selected layers.
  • Custom design the makeup area for layering effects such as refining the eye shadow location, retouching the eyeliner, reshaping the blush on the cheeks, or removing blemishes. (PRO Only!)

High-resolution Image Export

  • Define output size, resolution, and sharpness level.
  • Export your photos as JPG with quality settings, or TIF with different bit depth.
  • Export the exact size of your image with up to a maximum of 6000x6000. (PRO Only!)
  • In the Options section, determine which effects to apply during final export. (PRO Only!)