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Facial Makeup
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Highlight and Contour for Sculpted Looks

  • Use versatile highlight and contour tools to emphasize and flatter desirable facial features and reveal a superb facial shape.
  • Choose shape correction templates from long face, pear face, round face, and many more.
  • Add templates to simulate a light source from the left or right.
  • Use Mask Tools and up to 4 layers to freely customize and build upon existing looks. (PRO Only!)

Make your Face Glow with Beautiful Blush

  • Apply bronzer and blush to produce a healthy and youthful glow and draw attention to the beautiful parts of the face.
  • Compliment your facial contours with 6 categories of blush templates. Present a slimmer face with side blush, or emphasize the apple of the cheek with an attention-grabbing color.
  • 3 layers for custom bronzer, blush, and popping blush layers. (PRO Only!)
  • Select any desired shade by using a color palette or color picker tool. (PRO Only!)
Blush Category
Round Arc Oblique Rectangle Petal Butterfly
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The Complete Eye Makeup Design

  • A complete eye makeup system based on professional cosmetic theories.
  • More than 20 layers of makeup definition in each template. Select any style with a single click for an immediate, natural-looking boost.
*Some samples shown below contain the add-on content Makeup PRO.

Enhance Eyebrows

  • Lift the face and open up your eyes with the right brows.
  • Simply choose from a variety of template styles to apply real hair texture with various colors and shapes to help redefine the brow.
  • Further determine the thickness and arch by adjusting the fitting areas.
  • Select the desired shade from the color palette or color picker tool. (PRO Only!)
Eyebrow Template
Bette Judy Vanessa Penelope Maiden Katharine
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Reshape Eyes with Eyeliner

  • Create distinct or subtle styles to help redefine eye shape and position.
  • Balance eye shape by using V lines at the inner or outer corners of the eyes. Apply different techniques for close set eyes, wide set eyes, round eyes, or droopy eyes.
  • Manually draw the area of application to customize your own perfect fit. (PRO Only!)
  • Select the desired shade from the color palette or color picker tool. (PRO Only!)
Eyeliner Template
Lower line Puppy Eyes Doll Bat Wing Cat Eyes Large Hock
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Accentuate Eyes with Eye Shadow

  • Draw attention to your eyes with gorgeous eye shadow suitable for any situation
  • Up to 8 eye shadow layers to create your own design. Give more dimension to the eyes, and even add glitter for shimmery effects. (PRO Only!)
  • Select the desired shade from the color palette, or use the color picker tool to pick a color. (PRO Only!)
  • Manually define the makeup application area to apply your own unique styles and save them as templates. (PRO Only!)
Eye Shadow Template  
Blossom_Coral Eyes Up Nymph_Gold Puppy_Indigo Cut Cat_Black Green
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Mascara and Lashes

  • Bring out the eyes by adding fuller, more luscious eyelashes.
  • Apply templates with realistic hair texture and different lengths, shapes, and styles.
  • Select the desired shade from the color palette or color picker tool. (PRO Only!)
  • Manually define the length and thickness of the lashes. (PRO Only!)
Eyelash Template
Dramatic Curler Mascara Wing Long Wing Large Wing Fan Mascara_all
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Cosmetic Lens

  • Change iris color or apply intricate contact lens designs to reveal more vivid and striking eyes.
  • Manually define your original iris color, size, brightness, hue, and contrast to bring out crystal clear eyes. (PRO Only!)
  • Toggle slider adjustment on/off to modify cosmetic lens size, brightness, contrast, and saturation for a truly tailored look. (PRO Only!)
Lens Template
Amber Cat_Blue Diamond Pink Sapphire Turquiose Rainbow
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Red-eye Removal

  • Red-eye issues often seen in flash photography occur due to reflection from the retina.
  • FaceFilter3 allows you to quickly and easily remove red eyes with a red-eye reduction feature that sets the pupils color back to normal.

Apply Lipsticks & Teeth Whitening

Luscious Lips

  • Create the appearance of revitalized lips by making them glossy, full, moist and creamy with custom settings.
  • Apply templates with various lipstick colors, gloss, and emphasis on the lip lines.
  • Define any lip color, contrast and blur radius. (PRO Only!)
  • Customize lip areas just like using a lip pencil to redefine lips shape in real life. (PRO Only!)
Lip Template
Lavender Indigo Purple Mist Neon Pink Sunset Orange Burgundy
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Sparkling White Teeth

  • Give the subject of your photo a more confident smile with teeth whitening templates.
  • Manually define the whitening area for subtle bleaching needs. (PRO Only!)