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Photo Effects

Smart Color Correction

Scene-based Photo Tone Settings
  • Instant image correction with scene-based presets, such as backlight, smart portrait, landscape, and more.
  • Create vibrant colorful photos from imperfectly lit images such as over/under exposed, taken with a low quality camera or washed-out due to backlighting.
  • Use auto face detection and brighten up the face using face-centric exposure settings.
  • Slider-enhance the exposure, contrast, recover, fill light, and vibrancy values.
White Balance Adjustment
  • Fix minor color flaws with the white balance feature.
  • Warm up or cool down the photo by using the Temperature slider, and mix green or red colors with the Tint slider.
  • Correct the color with sampling methods by using the color picker tool. (PRO Only!)
  • One-click color correction with scenario-based presets, such as day light, cloudy, flash, and more. (PRO Only!)

Apply Post Effects with Lens Filters

  • Apply post effects with lens filter templates, including black and white, Lomo style, sepia, tone, and vignette.
  • Freely adjust the balance, brightness/contrast, hue/saturation of the photo.
  • Frame your photo and draw attention to the subject with a custom vignette effect, where you can adjust the size, level, along with the width and height ratios.

Create Stunning DSLR Effects

Smart Photo Focal Adjustment
  • Transform a normal photo into a studio-level photo taken with a high-end DSLR camera.
  • Quickly separate the foreground and background with the smart Mask Tools.
  • Achieve various focal effects using DOF templates.
  • Further fine tune the balance, brightness/contrast, hue/saturation of the image foreground or background separately.
Simulate Realistic Visual Space with Focal Gradients
  • Create gradual blur effects to make the depth effects of the photo more convincing and natural.
  • Determine the focal strength by adjusting the Aperture Level slider.
  • Choose ideal gradient patterns from Linear, Radial, or Reflected Meter.
  • Use the gradient line tool to adjust the focal point and length of the gradient for optimal result.
Selective Recoloring
  • Custom mask the foreground and background to draw attention to a particular point in the image.
  • Create sophisticated visual effects using the gradient meter and gradient mask pattern tools.

Enhance the Photo with Bokeh Effects

  • Define a bokeh shape and apply a glittering effect to the selected areas.
  • Determine the strength of the effect with the Aperture slider.
  • Generate a Gradient Bokeh effect by setting the gradient pattern.
Certain sample images shown are provided courtesy of SXC