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Skin Enhancement

Adjust Skin Color Tone

  • Skin can be colorized and enriched while not affecting the rest of the image.
  • Choose from various color tone templates to quickly balance back your skin tone to create a healthy, glowing or tanned look.
  • Select a desired shade for the skin tone with the color palette or color picker tool. (PRO Only!)
  • Slider adjust the Skin Tone level to determine the foundation color. (PRO Only!)

Dealing with Oily Skin

  • Skin often looks oily when using the camera flash. The Skin De-oil feature provides a sheer foundation to tone down the shine.
  • Instantly apply de-oil templates to remove glossy reflections, especially shine in the t-zone, cheekbones and chin.
  • Increase the level value to strengthen the effect.

Smooth Skin with Texture

Skin smoothing
  • The Skin Smooth setting preps your skin by refining the surface and evening out imperfections such as reducing wrinkles, lines, freckles, moles and birthmarks.
  • Select a template with different smooth levels that best fits your skin condition for a foundation.
  • To avoid a flawless, plastic-like appearance, the templates are blended with exquisite skin textures that help restore a natural look.
  • Choose from a variety of texture patterns to be blended onto over-smoothed skin. (PRO Only!)
  • Modify your own strength, deepness, and texture pattern size to match your face. (PRO Only!)
Skin texture
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Eye Bag Reduction

  • After the skin refinement and de-oiling steps, there may still be some imperfections under the eyes. For this, use the Eye Bag Reduction feature as a concealer.
  • Apply eye bag reduction templates to automatically generate masks that cover eye bags and dark circles, providing a revitalizing look.
  • Modify the strength value properly cover the area.
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Neck & Shoulder (PRO Only!)

  • Use the advanced Mask Tools to select areas other than the face.
  • Determine the strength to conceal.