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Expression & Reshaping

One-Click Template Applying

  • FaceFilter3's proprietary 3D muscle-based photo morphing technology is ideal for removing or altering unappealing expressions; improving face structure, symmetry; or simply slimming it down.
  • Make instant facial sculpting with a single click. Embedded face transformation and expression templates allow you to quickly reshape facial features and create expressions.

Redefining Expression

  • There are times when captured facial expressions are less than ideal, or you simply want to tweak it for a different feeling.
  • Muscle-level facial morphing technology helps to maintain a natural expression.
  • Apply subtle emotions or personality on your photos like happy, innocent, cool, or tender.
  • You can combine templates to create unlimited combinations of expression.
Expression Template
Cool Cute Elegant Pleasant Bigger Eyes Smaller Mouth
Click or mouseover to see the effect

Redefining Facial Features

  • Blend facial features along with muscle expressions to revive youth or vitality. Reshape your face without going under the knife!
  • Pre-made facial reshaping templates are based on analysis of structural differences in over 1000 faces.
  • Various templates for facial shape or size, such as slim face, large eyes, misty eyes, or sexy lips.
  • Layer templates to blend shaping results and create the perfect look.
Facial Features Template
Cute Lip Large Eye Misty Eye Narrow Eye Puppy Eye Small Face
Click or mouseover to see the effect

Advanced Manually Adjustment

  • After applying templates, further modify features with the slider to further balance your expression or facial features.
  • Muscle-Based Retouching: Fine tune expression using muscle based manipulation such as raising an eyebrow, wrinkling the nose, or puckering the lips.
  • Facial Feature Transformation: Use slider control to manipulate over 16 different facial features. Move, rotate and scale to transform features like brows, eyes, nose, mouth, and face shape.