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I have tried installing CTA3 that I just purchased for the PC using the Reallusion Hub and manually too, but no success.
I am getting the following dialog box using the Reallusion Hub which says:
"Installation was cancelled. All update processes will stop."...More
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Submitted by dongraphifx


We need reliability first and foremost.
It is not possible for a studio to put a production in standby because an update of one of its software is bugged.
When the 7.21 update makes the Curve Editor plug-in unusable for more than a month, it can be a disaster for a company to finalize a project...More
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Submitted by Pixtim


Not Reproducible
It seems the installation crashed when installing and the HUB hasn't been configured to have access to the internet. I've tried to uninstall, but I keep getting and there is a newer version installed error. How can I uninstall manually?...More
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Submitted by ahmeepro