Character Creator 4
Issue 10973
Support For Expression Wrinkles, Facial Profile Editor Extended Morphs and Zbrush Face Tools on Modified CC3 Plus Characters given additional Bones to the body
1.I exported a facial expression profile of my CC3+ character so I could reapply it after adding tail bones in an external application
2. After adding bones, I imported into CC4 and only 3 compatible Characterization profiles were available.
3. My Visemes were still available but all the other facial morphs were gone, why?
4.CC4 needs an update to detect whether any bones were modified on the face that would break it or not but the rest of the body should be passible.
5.Maybe CC4 could be programmed to ignore bones in the facial area if labeled "SpringJoint" because I want to add spring joints to the eyes, in the future to the nose, because currently CC4 characters are very static/not flexible and many want toon based characters or just innovative creatures.

6.The Digital Human shaders and skinGen should also be available if the UV and Topology hasn't changed but it should just be available to all kinds of Characters because we can modify the maps anyway to make it work with custom characters.
7. The symmetry mirror mode is also not available in Edit Mesh, again this doesn't make sense for characters that haven't had the topology modified.

- maybe an advanced mode could reveal these kinds of extended functions for the experienced user?

Users could make some incredible realistic characters/creatures and make them available to others in the market place if the restrictions were modified to allow these changes and it doesn't seem like an extra ordinary amount of programming to make it work - a detection/check of the topology, UV change and "SpringJoint" if added to the face should be all that's needed and become identified as a "Modified CC3+ character" or "Experimental CC3 Plus character" both phrases can be new categories.
OS: Windows 11