Character Creator 3
Issue 5595
Exporting morphs to game engines like unreal or unity
like in daz studio be able to export to fbx files the morphs targets from CC3, in my opnion this is one of the big miss of character creator, being able to export the morphs direct from CC can make easy and fast build characters customization in game, this is being for me a big problem in using CC3 sometimes i feel wanting to just use full daz and leaving aways CC, but since cc3 does have some amazing things it's make me feel very troubled over it because i do really want to use CC3 but that limitation is being really a big trouble.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byEllessarr
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yeah it's july 2020 and we are going to august and we still don't have morph targets exporting feature, one of the most "basic important features still missing".
This is the single most important missing feature.   Add morph export to Unreal Engine!
Exporting Morph is not included in v3.22 update but I'm still waiting for that function. Please add that ability~! I really need it!
The limitations of CC3 for game designers are just unbelievable... and the worst thing is that reallusion advertising really does a pretty good job in making us believe that there tools are actually useful.. 

For video creation within CC3 and Iclone they are in fact the best, but as a pipeline to game engines... come on... no body morphs from CC3 to game engines... why?
The lack of this feature is saddening. The team at reallusion has followed through with a lot of good recommendations in the past so I hope this makes the cut!
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