Character Creator 3
Issue 5595
Exporting morphs to game engines like unreal or unity
like in daz studio be able to export to fbx files the morphs targets from CC3, in my opnion this is one of the big miss of character creator, being able to export the morphs direct from CC can make easy and fast build characters customization in game, this is being for me a big problem in using CC3 sometimes i feel wanting to just use full daz and leaving aways CC, but since cc3 does have some amazing things it's make me feel very troubled over it because i do really want to use CC3 but that limitation is being really a big trouble.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byEllessarr
We submitted a request for this feature 2/14/22.  Daz 3D is a better character system the CC3.
The mere fact that this request has existed over 2 years with NO response from Reallusion, even if it is "We are working out how to do this", makes it clear that Reallusion does not care about its users.

Your users understand that things are hard to implement, and that things take time. How you bring them along, is by communicating with them.
Taking the disrespectful route of "Ignoring those complaining idiots until we figure out if, how or when we want to do his thing" is not the way.

This is the sad unneccessary crap companies do that make users abandon them as soon as a halfway decent competition comes on the scene.
They remember shitty treatment like this.
Considering how awefully overpriced their solutions are and how bad their customer support and pricing policy is (everything costs extra) I really have to admit I regret it A LOT that I have bought cc3. Simple things like body morphs should not be such big of a problem. And there is literally no support answering all those concerns only false advertisment for their products
Where the hell is customer support. Is there anyone alive at Reallusion or what?

So promising, yet such a let-down.
Got a refund on all of my Reallusion software exactly because of this. I liked CC3 over Daz but looks like I am stuck with Daz.