Character Creator 3
Issue 5595
Exporting morphs to game engines like unreal or unity
like in daz studio be able to export to fbx files the morphs targets from CC3, in my opnion this is one of the big miss of character creator, being able to export the morphs direct from CC can make easy and fast build characters customization in game, this is being for me a big problem in using CC3 sometimes i feel wanting to just use full daz and leaving aways CC, but since cc3 does have some amazing things it's make me feel very troubled over it because i do really want to use CC3 but that limitation is being really a big trouble.
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Submitted byEllessarr
The ability to export body morphs is a must for game development. I am to sure why Reallusion think this is acceptable, they already export facial morphs so they are intentionally blocking body morphs.
And when it happens dont leave out unity please. It is a feature that could be simple enough implemented. As we already can have Blendshapes. As stated above this will probably be a feature that come with cc4 and iclone 8... If it doesnt there will definetly be a huge switch to daz maya etc for those simple features that really are needed by Game Devs and Studios.
It is so disappointing that CC3 still does not support this very basic feature. It is the sole reason why I won't use CC3 and have to stick to DAZ.
Thanks mike.harris1976!

Not easy to replicate... but its a solution, of course that it doesn't need CC3 for that, daz3d + Unreal will do the trick without spending a dime! 

At this point in time, taking in account 0 response from Reallusion on this topic in the roadmaps I believe it will never me implemented (maybe in I clone 8 after you spend another 700USD) and continue to have several strange limitations....

Iclone and CC3 are incredible to animation but for gamedev they still lack basic features to be useful E2E...
This is probably not the answer but if you need to add body morphs this person was testing out a way to use bones or skeletons on ue4 to adjust body shapes not using morphs because morphs can be "compute expensive" per his quote. Something about a character with less morphs is less resource intensive for a game. So he made bones or skeletal sliders that modify the shape of the character through that. CC3 has bones in certain areas that allow for other features if men like their ladies "thick" or "normal" or well endowed in the upper or lower regions, i hope that was G rated. That would be sufficient if you need Laura Craft or some Nordic viking lady as your main character.
I haven't tested the entire system out yet, just did his examples, if you needed some custom characters menu for your start menu level for now.

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