Character Creator 3
Issue 5595
Exporting morphs to game engines like unreal or unity
like in daz studio be able to export to fbx files the morphs targets from CC3, in my opnion this is one of the big miss of character creator, being able to export the morphs direct from CC can make easy and fast build characters customization in game, this is being for me a big problem in using CC3 sometimes i feel wanting to just use full daz and leaving aways CC, but since cc3 does have some amazing things it's make me feel very troubled over it because i do really want to use CC3 but that limitation is being really a big trouble.
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Submitted byEllessarr
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Really need to be able to export morphs into UE4.  This feature is critical for several game features.

Looking into DAZ now, as they support this feature with their plugin.

Please add at to CC3 soon....
I understand in reallusion what they sell is this character customization, if you are able to take all from here someone can use to create a clone of their software inside ue4 or unity and you will no need them. 

but actually with that way of thinking their product becomes very limited, and they need to spend time and energy to protect their morphs assets instead of focus on create better tools to optimize a game where you can build over just one or 2 bodies all your characters. 

I just can suggest to reallusion team stopping thinking about who can steal your work without pay and just focus on creating a very useful tool and so the ones that can pay for it will pay happily like I and many people here are.
Just wanted to add the same thing as everyone. I am an indie developer who spent, what is to me, alot of my budget on reallusion software, including cc3, 3dexchange & Iclone. Additionally I spent a decent amount on content to use in this pipeline. (at this point I have spent more on this software than on my development machine.) 

To my surprise the tool doesn't do what I thought it did, and now it is much too late to get a refund. I was hoping like the rest of you, to simply import one mesh for male and one for female. This would allow for a huge increase in runtime optimization. 

Now not only can I not do this but I also cannot let the player fully customize their character. 

This puts me between a rock and a hard place, and honesty, I might have to drop CC3 all together, swallow my pride and start learning to use DAZ. This is especially sad because CC3 characters look so much better out of the box than DAZ characters look.  

I know that reallusion doesn't really care because they already got their money and buyer beware and all that stuff, but is it really too much to just get a simple "this feature will never exists" message from the team. 

Hope your day's better than mine.

Yes! This need to be added. Choose which morphs should be exported, that includes custom body morphs and face. Just like DAZ3D. I bought CC3 a while back, but the fact it does not have this feature means I cannot use it for my project. I want to create a game where the more you eat, the fatter yo you get. And if you dont eat you get skinny. 

I am staying with DAZ3D until this gets added! Cant wait. They have to add this.
SeanPollman, I understand that but in that case don't advertise CC3 as a tool for gamedev... its just mocking with the buyers...
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