Turning Scanned Models to Fully-rigged Characters


3D scan technology has been adopted by top-grossing Hollywood and AAA game productions around the world to create unparalleled realism. But have you ever wondered how a static scanned model can turn into a freely movable, fully dressed character? Reallusion now provides comprehensive learning materials designed by industry-leading experts who will teach you how to facilitate this technology and turn static 3D scan models into talking and moving characters. If you want to get started right away, a library of fully-rigged 3D scanned characters is available as well for instant use in your productions!


3d scan content pack

Reallusion partners with the 3D scan studio SCANLAB PHOTOGRAMMETRY to provide you with a fully rigged 3D character which is included in our bundle package.
If you purchase the Virtual Human Head Vol.1 + Virtual Human Bodies - Louis now, you get a FREE copy of the 3D Scan Pipeline Learning Videos which also comes with an added content bonus of 401 Adjustment and Balance Morphs for more realistic facial features and animation.


Retopologize 3D Scanned Models to Character Creator (CC)

3d scan pipeline tutor - Eddie Christian

Tutor: Eddie Christian

- Character Designer, Concept Artist, Matte Painter, Digital Sculptor

The Founder and owner of Solo Projects Studios. His studio provides custom code and art content for video game companies. In addition his studio produces a line of Sculpture, Art Prints and Custom Clothing which are sold online.

3d scan workflow - from A pose to T pose

From A-Pose to T-Pose

Often scans of people are done in what is called an “A” pose. This aids in the capture of the details we need. But most Rigging Tools require this pose to be changed to a “T” pose in order to add the skeleton we need to animate our character. Learn how to change the pose to the proper stance.

3d scan workflow - topology mapping

Topology Mapping

Wrap3 is used to project the details of the scanned human onto the base mesh used in CC3, and some tips and tricks make using Wrap3 as easy as possible with scanned data. Go through the process of exporting the data in order to use it in ZBrush and CC3.

3d scan workflow - UV conversion

UV Conversion

Two main methods are introduced for storing color information in 3D meshes. One method uses texture maps and UV’s to guide their placement. The other method is to store color information in the vertices of the mesh itself. Get the overview of both methods and their strengths and weaknesses.

3d scan workflow - pose check and mesh refinement

Mesh Refinement & Auto Rig

Clean up some smaller details to insure that the character is as realistic as possible. Send the final character to CC3 and Auto Rig him, which sets up the skeleton to move the character properly for further pose and animation.

Optimization for Facial & Body Animation

3d scan pipeline tutor - Mike Sherwood

Tutor: Mike Sherwood (aka 3Dtest)

A 3D Artist and Consultant with over 20 years experience. Specializing in real time human modeling and animation systems, he has worked for games, tv and software companies - with a focus on low poly/ subdivision surface modelling, photo texturing, retopology and 3d character pipeline development.

3d scan workflow - facial topology

Pose & Gaze Correction

The importance of CC3 correct default pose and gaze: demonstration of a simple pose and gaze correction method using an external application.

3d scan workflow - eyeball and eyelid

Improving the Eyes

Eye shape, materials and animation quality all make a huge difference to whether a character appears realistic or not: demonstrating how to progress from unnatural looking eyes and distorted blinks through to a realistic and polished end result.

3d scan workflow - lips and teeth

Texture Correction

Diffuse and Normal maps may exhibit errors from texture baking and/ or incorrect alignment: using the head as an example, how to fix these errors using a combination of procedural mapping as well cloning in an external image editor.

3d scan workflow - expression validation

Mouth Optimization

Improving animation by expression testing and editing whilst the model is in animated poses: this tutorial focuses on the mouth and also covers teeth and tongue alignment and texture adjustment.