Character Creator 4
Issue 8774
RFE: We need an option adding bones with respective sliders
I would like to be able to create non-human hands and feet, as well as non-human attributes including wings, and horns. Every hand is 5 digits and a thumb. We see Andorians on Star Trek that have head mounted appendages that move. We have Ahsoka Tano in StarWars that has unique head appendages. We have characters with 3 or 4 fingers, and some even with 6.

I would like the ability to add/replace custom bones and sliders to existing skeletons.

If this is already possible, then making it easier to locate would be useful

Being able to add these easily could also be an incredible revenue source for both Reallusion and its content creator.

In my case, I want to be able to make 6 digit hands with both inner and outer thumbs as well as 6 digit feet with 4 primary gripping toes and two used for gripping, similar to the thumbs.

Being able to modify existing skeletons and avatars would be a benefit for everyone.
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Submitted byphuhque
If you're using a CC3 Character you may want to export it in FBX (with Clothes then reimport and convert it to a HIK Character. Doing this will give you access to control weights and assign additional bones. CC3 Characters have basic toes, they don't have knuckles. For now until they create a full character, you could import the FBX into akeytsu, a completely  free program that will allow you to add extra bones. Get the EDU license and upload an empty image when it requests it.
They have easy to learn tutorials and a Discord channel.

I think Reallusion just didn't have the time to create a full character, It would be Ideal though, because they are starting to cater to the film industry but at least they've provided the ability to retarget for Toes etc. If you truly want maximum flexibility with characters you may want to vote for this

It's kind of Part 2 of the multi-Body Part Characterization preset I posted , and additionally every preset you've created could automatically identifies duplicated joints that when weight painting, you could potentially use a paint bucket tool to fill in the character weights of duplicated joints.