Character Creator 4
Issue 8769
Characterization for quadruped or any other custom character - Potential Solution -
Pose based retargeting by using a Dynamic 3D version of the Human Retargeting Characterization map -the user customizes the 3D Characterization pose altering it to match the character to be retargeted. For example If you posed the Dynamic Human Characterization model into a quadruped pose there should be no conflict if the user made their character upright as a human or remained in Quadruped stance.

Edit Motion Layer could have a rotating 3D graphic of their custom character (automated 180 thumbnail upon Characterization) to allow users to pick bones based on their custom multi body part Characterization Presets. The 180/360 Thumbnail could be created and attached to the particular preset that is auto generated upon saving a new multi body part preset which gets attached to the character upon save.

This is intimately connected to

Since Quadruped feet are essentially a duplicate, the retargeting of this kind would automatically make the Character defined as a Multi-Part character that can save multiple* retargeting preset combinations such as "Head3 + Legset4+armset2+footset1" = 1 preset combo)

Each Subset of a preset combo (hands1, feet3, head2) etc becomes the IK driver and is identified by body part type such as hands or feet etc and becomes it's own list in the 360 Edit Motion Layer Graphic to the area they belong (feet on bottom, head typically above etc.

The subset/IK names could have an Invisible marker to the user in the viewport when capturing the thumbnail for the 360 Edition motion layer graphic and be a marker to identify the areas and position them on the 360 graphic to add the preset list.. The IK/subset name & list could be added to a simple billboard that always faces the user.
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Submitted byAscensi
Also please give us the ability to control arm & leg restraints for maximum flexibility! some creatures/characters wont have rigid bones like the one in my example, or at least would have a greater maximum angle as to not pass through itself.
With my hybrid Biped/Quadruped, I can still use Edit Motion Layer and Mocap tools T-pose is just to ensure compatibility with Bipedal animations but if users want IK to work with Quadrupeds there should be no problem ignoring the T-pose warning, they just can't use Biped animations or else the animations wont look correct. It's interesting that CC4 saves both the pose and Characterization --if users could relabel "t-pose" To "Quadruped"  and share the preset (if using the same bones like CC3 Quadruped or Unity Quadruped, Maximo Quadruped etc), Quadruped animations should become mostly compatible with each other -plus or minus height adjustments using Edit motion Layer.   

My suggestion above is simply about defining a fairly simple Universal Characterization display/UI that will work with any Character by first capturing a 180/360 Turntable of any custom character once the second Characterization Profile is created (must detect more than one Characterization Profile before it labels the Character as a multi-part character, then  a 180/360 snapshot is saved and becomes the custom Characterization GUI  of the custom Character.