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Wolf (Damian Wickie) is a graphic artist turned animator and 3D modeler, as well as a Certified Content Developer for Reallusion.

Wolf: Originally utilizing graphic design as a creative outlet, I spent 7 of the last 10 years working on graphic still art (, website graphics and some rudimentary flash design. About 3 years ago, I came across Reallusion's iclone software through the fansite and have been hooked on animation ever since. I really enjoy digging deeply into the software to get to the nuts and bolts of its capability and more importantly to expand my own skill set and create enjoyable, visually stimulating animated films. I'm from Canada where I live with my wife and 2 lovely daughters (both of which who love getting involved with my animations and quite frequently directing my films).


Dulci started creating machinima-type movies in 2005. She is also a voiceactress.

Dulci: A little over a year ago, some of the members of, a creative community I'm actively involved in, began discussing iClone and that stimulated my interest. I purchased version 3 and have grown increasingly impressed by the capabilities of iClone and its ease of use. As a machinima hobbyist, I have found that iClone has really enabled me to open up my imagination and create movies that match my vision. I'm from the United States and live with my husband and son.

Reviewer of Inside the Box: A Show on iClone Content Review

Q: Can you tell us a little bit more about Inside the Box?

"Inside the Box" is a new video segment on our weekly show. It is basically a video breakdown of various iClone content and developers, starting specifically with major content packs released within Reallusion content store. In each episode, WolfZone Digital will do a fairly in-depth review of the content theme pack selected for that week. Some users, specifically many of the tactile-visual learners out there, can really get a good look at the content they will be getting before they purchase with the help of these videos.

Q: What is "The Wolf & Dulci Hour" radio show?

The Wolf and Dulci Hour is an internet based radio show that airs on on Monday evenings at 10:00 EST. On the show, we discuss the ins and outs of iClone in a fun and informative way. The show also tries to showcase some of the talented movie makers out there in our animation community. Basically, we like to entertain our listeners while providing what we hope is valuable insight into how to get the most out of the iclone software and to encourage everyone to think outside the box and push the envelope on the creative front.
For those who can't listen live, the show is available via podcast or email subscription through, with the archive of all past shows available through iTunes ( or Screencast (


Q: Throughout the years, your radio show has helped so many users getting on their feet. Would you please share some of listeners’ comments & testimonials?

"The wide variety of guests and topics are always informative while the links and Scoopit page information keeps me up to date on the latest iclone happenings. Toss in the weekly iClone freebie and it's a golden hour of internet radio." - thebiz

"The Wolf and Dulci Show is a great way to find out the latest happenings in the world of iClone and Machinima. Both hosts are fun, entertaining and make it worth tuning in every Monday night." - Damien Valentine

"Before the Wolf and Dulci show I was lost in the iClone wilderness desperately searching for a light in the darkness. I can't imagine animated life without them!" - WarLord

"Glue - no not the stuff that you sniff, but rather the kind that holds things together - and the Wolf and Dulci show is just that - over 200+ episodes week in and week out i tuned in to the Wolf and Dulci show at first to learn about iClone and how it works, then eventually i came to realize that it it goes beyond that, is about the community. W&D goes beyond just iClone, it is well attended by the community of machinima artists - directors, animators, writers, musicians, scriptwriters, actors…. So what are you waiting for, join the show, join us, join the community....oh and by the way they do have iClone tips and tricks as well :P" - AnimaTechnica

Q: How did you meet each other in the beginning?

Originally, we were introduced by Rainman (Mark Walker) who is a founding member of the fan website and one of the original iClone power users. We worked together on Wolf's Into Shadows film and both of us have been guests on the TMOA Sunday Show (a show focusing on machinima at on several occassions. Dulci wanted to explore an iClone radio spot and opened a dialogue with Wolf to see if he'd be interested. Fortunately, he said yes!

Q: How did you come up with the idea to set up the 1st iClone radio?

The Wolf and Dulci hour was completely Dulci's brain child. The TMOA Sunday Show on TMOARADIO.COM had a few shows with discussions about iClone, but as their show focuses on a variety of machinima related software, she thought an iClone-centric show was in order. From Wolf's prior appearances on The Ken and Roger Show, she knew he wasn't shy about talking and, more importantly, she recognized he has an abundance of knowledge. We feel that we are a good representation of technical expertise (Wolf) and the aspiring user (Dulci). From there, the rest is history as they say.

Q: How do you make the weekly topic? Who is your regular speaker?

Usually, Dulci will generate the topics for the show. We try to pass on relevant info about iclone, new releases, content, developer insights and the like. Basically, anything that strikes out fancy. Our audience participates with us live via our show's chat room as well, which sometimes will change the direction of the show. Also, our "Stump the Wolf" segment is completely audience driven as they send in questions on "how to's" in order to get some live feedback, insight and help. Wolf creates weekly free give-aways for our listeners, and is also the creator of our weekly promo videos. We also enjoy interviewing a variety of guests, from content creators to movie-makers.

Q: What are the most interesting interviews you want to share?

Since our show began in April, we have had the pleasure to have interviews with several talented people. However, one that really stands out to us was 1 interview session that incorporated 5 different individuals. This year, we had the opportunity to visit New Orleans and do our show with Reallusion live from Siggraph. On that extended show, we had Lizard and Rainman (two iClone power users) as well as John and James Martin and Zack Pafford (CloneBot Zack) three creative and highly knowledgeable iclone staffers. That show was the most interesting by far as it gave us an opportunity to meet the individuals behind the keyboard as well as take our audience on a sneak peek of iClone 4 software prior to its release. Also, there were a lot of enhancements for us to talk about and everyone knows how we like to talk!


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