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Featured Studio - Quantum Theory Entertainment

Quantum Theory

Started by a 10 year veteran of the console game industry, Quantum Theory provides quality digital art solutions for video games and interactive media.

AAA-Quality Art Content Developer

Q: Tell us a bit about Quantum Theory Entertainment.

QTE is a game content development company I started in February of 2012. The short to medium term goal was to arm independent developers with AAA-quality art content which has been created with the knowledge of 10+ years experience in the console game industry. As the company ages and gets more experience and exposure, I will be transitioning full time into game development on platforms such as PC, Android, iOS and the next generation of consoles.


Q: What are the main types of content you produce, and who can use it?

I produce packs of content; never just a single item. There's more value to the consumer in doing so. Since creating games usually means creating some sort of environment, that's where I focus my efforts. You can purchase High-resolution terrains of varying types, to clouds, to panoramas for image-based lighting, to a completely modular urban construction pack. Anyone can purchase and use these packs as they are useful for the lone indy warrior and to seasoned industry pros.

Q: What are the ways you can see iClone being useful for Unity game development?

iClone can be very useful as a tool for producing in-game cutscenes and exporting that data to Unity. Projects that need alot of cutscenes but need the ability to iterate fast will benefit greatly from what iClone has to offer.


Q: What kind of things can we expect to see from Quantum Theory Entertainment in the future?

I enjoy environmental artwork, so expect more of the scope you see in the Urban Construction Pack. Though there is alot of competition for your standard, run-of-the-mill environment packs (trees, buildings, rocks, etc), there isn't much in the way of stylized, art directed packs. Expect content that is unique from its peers for the future.



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