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Featured Developer - Guy "Bigboss" Langlois


I am a computer engineer with a master's degree in Business and Administration (MBA). I work as an executive in an engineering firm specialized in the development of high end audio/video and 3D equipment and authoring tools for the Film and Broadcasting industry. Aside from work, I play in a rock band and I contribute to the iClone industry as a Certified Content Developer by applying my engineering skills, business experience and creativity to the creation of specialized iClone characters and derived iClone products.




Helping to Push the Limit on Character Creation

Q: First, can you tell us more about yourself? When you are not creating awesome content, what else do you do? Where in the world are you? And, can you tell us a little about your background. How did you get the name BigBoss?

I graduated as an electrical engineer back in 1982 in Montreal and worked from the start in the 3D Virtual field developing specialized tools for modeling 3D objects and building scenes and special effects for Flight Simulator real-time visual databases. I have been involved with 3D ever since. I am located in Laval, north of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I chose the name "Bigboss" back in 1988 when I joined a Bulletin Board (BBS) that was operated by one of my own employees and I kept the name ever since.

Q: What first got you interested in Reallusion software?

I have been following the evolution of the 3D modeling and animation technology as part of my professional career. I discovered iClone back in 2007 while searching for a rapid prototyping 3D Movie Machine that would allow for the creation of 3D animations using a WYSIWYG approach (What You See Is What You Get) and I was seduced by its amazing capabilities from day one.

Q: What do you mainly use iClone and CrazyTalk for?

Aside from creating demo-clips for my Skintight product line, I use iClone for enhancing Video creations through the use of virtual overlays, flying logos, special effects etc. For instance, I created the introductory scene for my Band promotional Video using iClone.

Q: What other programs do you use other than iClone and CrazyTalk?

I run my own audio video recording studio whereby I use editing and mastering tools such as Cubase, Nuendo, Sonar and Pinnacle Liquid Studio. Of course, most of my time is spent using 3DS Max for the creation of iClone content.

Q: How long does it normally take for you to create your content, from conception to final production?

Creating quality iClone content can take anywhere from 1 minute to several weeks of hard labor. However, I generally start by doing a proof of concept in about few hours which I send to other CCDs colleges for validation. If I get an "Oh My God" type of response, then I pursue that idea, if it is just "good", then I drop the concept and go back to the drawing board. Once the concept is proven, whenever possible, I start by creating tools that will facilitate the creation of derived products of similar nature. Then I test the tools while finalizing the product. A good example of this is in the area of Animals whereby I created a series of 3ds Max plugins to be able to export motions derived from controllers and inverse kinematics directly out of 3DS MAX and into iClone. On average, I typically come up with a new product every two weeks or so.

A Few Packs Created by Guy:
Skintight Pirates Skintight Pirates Demo Video
Warrior Princesses Warrior Princesses Demo Video
Arabian Nights Arabian Nights Demo Video
Dazzling Damsels Dazzling Damsels Demo Video
And many, many more...  




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