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Complete 2D Animation Environment

  • Complete 2D animation editing environment with categorized movie elements: Actor, Animation, Scene and Special Effects.
  • In-screen object Editing Gizmo (select, transform, opacity, link, flip) and Navigation (camera zoom, pan, rotate) Tool Sets.
  • Two Editing Engines: Composer Mode for character and prop set up, and Stage Mode for animation editing.
  • Timeline editor for sequencing animation control

Content Management System

  • Full editing environment for Actor, Animation, Scene and Special Effects; each with its corresponding content libraries.
  • Group concept categorizing (e.g. Perform = Face motion + body motion; Character = Head + Body) for quick file access and management.

Dockable User Interfaces for Customized Workflows

  • Flexible user interface lets you detach, move and dock panels to customize your own layout and working style.
  • New workspaces allow you to simultaneously work on two screens.
  • Optimize your layouts for different working scenarios like; scene setup, character creation, or animation editing.

Drag and Drop Media Compositing

  • Drag any media* (images, videos, flash, sprite video) files from the content manager, or any external drive, and drop them directly into the animation stage.
  • Import popular media files such as images (.jpg, .png...), videos (.avi, .wmv...), flash files (.swf) and transparent video sprites (.popVideo) that are compatible with the original creation tools.

*CrazyTalk Animator 2 Mac Version does not support video media import through drag & drop or other methods.

3D Camera System

  • Use the Preview Camera to review scenes, and the Live Camera to animate camera positions with key frames.
  • Customize camera views with the pan, rotate and zoom tools.
  • Quickly switch between Perspective and Orthographic views for a 3D or 2D sensation.
  • Navigate scenes in Perspective mode to experience realistic 3D camera movements.

Motion Paths and Simple Animation

  • Set keys in the Playback Panel for quick animation control.
  • Create path anchors in different time frames for character and object motions.
  • Customize path anchors with position adjustments and speed control.
  • Freely control facing and fade in/out by using the Flip and Transparency features.
  • Hold and move any element with the link/unlink features.

Manage Your Project's Export Range

  • Quickly adjust your project’s output size/ frame and aspect ratio before rendering and final export .
  • Easily manage presence, and movements of characters and props
  • Current frame render button helps users instantly preview their projects.

Advanced Timeline & Key Frame Editing

  • Move, Copy, and Paste keys-extend, loop and group motion clips together.
  • Key frame editing for opacity, transform, visibility, link, path animation, sprite switching and flipping with blending effects.
  • Motion Layering allows layer additions over existing motions.
  • Flexibility to use main track for quick key management, and sub tracks for detailed joint movements.
  • Animate body motion tracks with up to 16 individual body segments. Facial motion tracks that are divided into voice scripts, morph and sprite-based categories.
  • Create cartoon style animations with motion curve, time warp and motion clip blending.