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Industry Applications
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CrazyTalk Animator delivers a revolutionary way to work with 2D Animation, bringing forth uniquely powerful tools that empower many animation related industries. Check out the below applications and see how other users are using CrazyTalk Animator. You may find ideas on how to increase your productivity and enrich your own creations!

For most graphic designers animation is a big step that demands a lot of effort and an additional set of expert skills, but not anymore as CrazyTalk Animator is built with a highly automated layout, designed specifically to avoid neck-breaking frame-by-frame editing. Now everyone can exploit the power and speed of real-time puppeteering, and start their journey towards amazing animations in minutes.

"I reassemble my creations in CrazyTalk Animator and fit them to the correct character specifications. Now all my goblins can play tricks in their magic woods, and we can listen to their stories."

Major Bergman, Digital Artist

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Comic creators can now transform their character drawings into digital motion comics with a three-step character rigging process and instant facial animation. In ComicCon San Diego, Reallusion joined forces with Animation Magazine to show artists how to turn concept art and storyboards into motion comics with the help of CrazyTalk Animator. Dive into CrazyTalk Animator, and explore the unlimited possibilities it offers artists.

"When we were really pressed for time, and thinking maybe we should just hand draw all the lip syncs, but CrazyTalk really come through for us and "saved our butts'. We really wouldn't have been able to premiere without it. Its absolutely amazing!"

Zack Shelton, Director of Willow Road Animation

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Before, Flash designers needed to create character animations from scratch as there was no mechanism to quickly set up characters. But now, thanks to the Universal Bone System found in CrazyTalk Animator, its easy to quickly setup characters and transfer their motions from one character to another without having to start a completely new project. CrazyTalk Animator also allows for SWF output and cross-platform compatibility, which makes it your best choice when needing to minimize animation investments in time, money and effort.

"CrazyTalk Animator allows me to express myself in other ways and even helps me improve as an artist. I can say I'm a newbie when using CTA but I've seen everything that can be achieved and that encourages me to do more, to experiment, to imagine and create."

Guillermo, Flash Designer

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The tremendous success of CrazyTalk Animator has signaled a new era in animation, where anyone can created high quality animations in minutes. Students and teachers can easily import their photographs to create authentic-looking characters in no time at all. Teachers and students can use CrazyTalk to recreate history, animate scientific theories, introduce world-changing personalities or just about anything.

"Now Educators everywhere can harness the power of the imagination by easily animating anything from historical characters, scientific theories and mathematical concepts with CrazyTalk Animator."

Jeff Johnston, SchoolTube.com

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