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Create Scenes with Image Layers

  • A Scene is a combination of image layers, props, and background images.
  • In CrazyTalk Animator, you can group layers together and exchange items in scenes with just one click. You may also group and ungroup data during single item editing.

Create Scenes from Any Media Available

  • Besides using the embedded content library, you can also drag-in popular image, animation or video files to quickly setup any scene or character.
  • Easily build interior scenes from IKEA photo catalogues, Home Depot galleries or household image search engines.

Prop Composer

  • For easy management and quick editing, combine parts and prop sprites into one single item.
  • Arrange layers with child-parent hierarchy (scene manager) to well-organize prop sprites.
  • Create a prop character by putting several prop sprites together and animate each sprite for unlimited character styles.

Interactive Content

  • Trigger elements inside a prop, during animation, to create amazing interactive content.
  • One prop can contain several elements including still images and animated Flash files which can be accessed from the action menu.

Image Layer & Lighting FX

  • Image layers in the foreground can be used to decorate a scene, add watermarks, tiles or headline frames.
  • Simulate lighting effects by using transparent layers to create various stage and spotlight effects

Instant Render Style for The Scene

  • Instantly change scene styles to match different project scenarios
  • Find various color profiles and instantly change color groups to match the tone of the environment.
  • Apply render style to multiple selections at once

Mask Layers for Smart Focus

  • Helps users to focus on specific subjects
  • Emphasize foregrounds and isolate backgrounds
  • Use comic layers to provide different context
  • Enhance moods with color tones

SFX with Comic/Text Bubbles & Sound

  • Use Special Effects templates found in 3 categories: Object, Text and Sound. Use them to add atmospheres, emotions and text balloon effects. The text balloon SFX templates allow you to type-in messages by simply clicking on it.
  • Special Effects customization and modification - CrazyTalk allows you to import GIF, JPEG, BMP, TGA , PNG or SWF files to use as animated objects, illustrations or full-frame layers that can be easily controlled.

Prop & SFX Link-to

  • Set props that link and unlink to any object or actor, i.e., pick up an object in frame A and drop it in frame B.
  • Link SFX to your character or prop to create emotives or disguised effects, or blow smoke behind a moving car.