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Featured Studio - SchoolTube

Jeff Johnston

Jeff Johnston is the communications & member support manager in SchoolTube.

SchoolTube.com, a safe video sharing website exclusively approved by over a dozen National Education Associations for use in K-12 schools. Our mission is to provide educators and students a safe and fun video sharing environment to enhance their classrooms and learning experiences. Launched in 2006, SchoolTube has grown to become the nation's largest teacher moderated video sharing website. We are dedicated to supporting educational institutions and all of their students to broadcast, and share original videos through a web experience.




SchoolTube - The Place for Teachers and Students to Share Videos Online

Q: How does SchoolTube help the Educational Community?

Videos on SchoolTube show the possibilities of what can be done in a classroom and are a great learning and motivation tool for your entire student body. You will find an assortment of new student and teacher created content on SchoolTube.com daily in dozens of categories! We also host a variety of video contests that encourage participation in video production while allowing students and teachers to win lots of great prizes.

Q: What is the SchoolTube animated video about?

SchoolTube is a young and fresh platform that connects students, teachers, schools and their communities. The SchoolTube animated intro was made to reflect the fun and upbeat life-style that embodies students during school life, extracurricular activities, and social gatherings.

Q: How does CrazyTalk Animator benefit Education?

Here at SchoolTube we feel CrazyTalk Animator benefits education by allowing teachers, who are always searching for new tools to help their students create animated video for classroom use. CTA is an ideal tool for capturing student attention in hard to teach subjects. Many teachers do not posses drawing or animations skills, but they do have a story to tell and this is where CTA delivers. Now Educators everywhere can harness the power of the imagination by easily animating anything from historical characters, scientific theories and mathematical concepts with CrazyTalk Animator. Likewise, students can also use this amazing new tool to make their own presentations, website avatars, project videos and much more. We challenge students and teachers everywhere to upload your amazing animated videos using CrazyTalk Animator; who knows your videos might get selected for a Featured SchoolTube Video of the Day that is highlighted to ALL our members to see!

SchoolTube Website: https://www.schooltube.com/


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