July 23-24, booth#1535

Super-Powered Animation Tools in Comic-Con San Diego

Reallusion, partnered with Animation Magazine in Comic-Con San Diego, will show you how to turn your concept art and storyboards into motion comics with CrazyTalk Animator. Transform character drawings into digital actors with easy, three-step character rigging and instant facial animation. There will also be an exclusive Microsoft Kinect motion capture demo for the new and upcoming iClone 5.

Sketch to Animate

1. Sketch character settings

Before you start creating your animated comics, you may wish to first draw your model with different character settings that include different angles and expressions, in order to well describe its personality.

2. Sprite & material preparation

Once you finish your character design, you will use all the raw materials, and created sprites (usually SWF files), for character assembly in CrazyTalk Animator. With the Universal Bone template, and auto mapping (expression & lip syncing) system, you will be able to quickly animate your character with just a few clicks.

3. Animate comics with CrazyTalk Animator

CrazyTalk Animator's tools empowers anyone without previous experience, to jump straight into motion comics. Users can use many of the custom motions from the library, or create their own with a simple move of the mouse.

Transform character drawings into digital actors

CrazyTalk Animator is a complete 2D animation studio with specialized tools that enable artists and illustrators to make the leap into animation. Turn concept-art and storyboards, into animated comic books with easy character rigging and instant facial animation.

Whether your comic style inclines towards South Park, The Walking Dead or a Jib Jab look-alike; CrazyTalk Animator’s flexible character creation system, and practical production environment, greenlights any artistic vision you may have in minutes. See the evolution of character interactivity, and direction, with intuitive 2D body and facial puppeteering for emotional, action-packed animations.

See How to Bring Your Digital Artwork to Life

"The features that make CrazyTalk a must-have for any animator or aspiring animator’s arsenal is fast facial lip-sync and digital face & body puppeteering."

- Animation Magazine


"CrazyTalk Animator is a trippy animation system. It's especially wild how 3D the facial work is! "

- Jeffrey Jon Pidgeon, Pixar Animator

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