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Featured Developer - Guillermo


My name is Guillermo, I'm Mexican and I'm studying architecture. I started drawing as a hobby as a child, since then I've been interested in graphic art.

I started working recently, I'm a newbie. My main goal is to enrich my graphic language through the use of different tools (traditional and digital).

I love to create, no matter what it is, a drawing, a space, a melody, an object, a character. I think this makes me happy and gives meaning to my life.




Creative Content Developer for CrazyTalk Animator

Q: What is your artistic background?

I've drawn since childhood. I have taken some art classes at school and university that helped me to improve aspects such as composition, color use and synthesis, but I think I have more advantage of my own, reading books or magazines, watching what other people do, including watching movies and television, but mostly practicing. I have to be honest, I'm not good at traditional art as I wanted, maybe that's why in digital art have found the best way to express myself.

Q: When did you first interested in. Become character design?

As a child I liked to copy cartoons and video game characters. I started by copying, then I used to make modifications such as changing the color of his clothes, drawing them in a different pose or simply changing the expression on their faces. Over the years I have come to be able to do my own interpretation of these and even create my own characters.


Q: How would you describe your artistic style?

It's difficult. It is mostly digital, 2d, with the help of vivid colors and shapes. I try to portray things that I like almost always reinterpreting them.

Q: What is your favorite kind of art?

I like traditional painting (oil painting, watercolor, etc.) I Think we all love some paint of ancient grandmasters. Currently interests me digital arts especially digital painting and drawing with vectors. I also like the music as artistic expression.



Q: What is your experience with CrazyTalk Animator?

Honestly I don't know it until a few months thanks to a generous invitation.
Love it. I discovered a software that allows me to express myself in other ways and even helped me improve as an artist. I can say I'm a newbie using CTA but I've seen everything that can be achieved and that encourages me to do more, to experiment, to imagine and create.

Q: What are some of your favorite artistic works that you have done?

I'm proud of some fanart characters from Street Fighter, Super Mario Bros. And Daft Punk.

Guillermo's Website: memo-beatle.deviantart.com/, www.behance.net/memobeatle
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