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How Can CrazyTalk Animator Benefit You?

For most Flash & app designers, character animation is a big step that demands a lot of effort and an additional set of expert skills. CrazyTalk Animator is built from the ground up as a revolutionary animation engine with a highly automated layout, designed specifically to avoid neck-breaking frame-by-frame editing. It’s your best choice for generating character animations.
(SWF output is available in version 1.2 or above)

Universal Bone System

No longer do you have to worry about setting character bones from scratch. CrazyTalk Animator provides articulated character-bone templates for quick character setup. You may use the character composer system to mix and match different facial features and body parts, either from pre-made templates or by importing your custom sprites.

Auto Mapping Animation

Easily import a WAV file or record your own voice, to create automatic lip-syncing and facial expressions. Each Flash-based character inside CrazyTalk Animator contains a set of corresponding facial sprites, using the auto-mapping system will automatically trigger its facial elements to match the emotions that you need.

Motion Profiles & Templates

No more key-by-key editing. Simply use a mouse or any another handheld device to puppeteer your character's animation with customizable puppet profiles. CrazyTalk Animator also provides a complete set of motion templates that help you animate a character, with professional results, in just seconds.

The Largest Market for Flash Character Content

Make good use of the CrazyTalk Animator community marketplace and learn how the content library can help speed up daily production, and expand your custom library with unique character designs. Check out the solution page to learn more about Flash-ready character content.

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Media Review

"CrazyTalk Animator is a very cool 2D animation program mostly focused on giving facial animation to your image, its also very easy to use and is great for beginners. Basically this a brilliant company producing brilliant products with some much to offer we can't write it all down here so visit them for a more in depth look at the software, animation and editing packages that they offer."

- Best Web Tool Award from, 2011

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