Turn Static Images into Animated 2D Characters

Rig Any Photo or Image

Motion Editing

Enhance your photos or images by customizing the bone structure and easily create captivating keyframe animations with the 2D Motion Key Editor.
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Spring Dynamics

Spring animation is a powerful tool that adds a touch of realism and brings characters to life by seamlessly incorporating secondary motion.
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Animate Photos & Images in Seconds

Motion Library

Our extensive motion library offers a wide range of 2D and 3D motions, empowering you to create captivating character animations.
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Free Form Deformation

Watch static objects come alive by simply dragging and dropping free-form deformation (FFD) onto photos and images!
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Create Talking Animation

Face Puppet

Adjust individual or multiple facial features by simply dragging the mouse cursor and effortlessly control lip sync, eye direction, and expressions.
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Audio Lip Sync

Synchronize lip movement with your audio or text and utilize a vast database of phonemes for seamless lip syncing that is fit for your image.
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Face Mocap

Expressions, head, and eye movements are tracked using a webcam for mocap animation, while natural body movement are controlled by head positioning.
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Photoshop Animation Pipeline

Seamless editing between Photoshop and Cartoon Animator allows you to modify your artwork in one go. By integrating drawings into our handy PSD templates, you can effortlessly generate a myriad of animated 2D characters. Furthermore, our platform facilitates the creation of breathtaking 3D parallax effects using animated cameras.

Sequence Images

With image sequences, you can blend photographs with graphic images, allowing you to unleash your creativity and explore a wide range of expressive possibilities.
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