2D Face Animation

Do more with less! Apply face animation to props and characters while keeping frugal on sprites and frames. Enjoy access to a variety of ready-made assets for constructing and customizing animated faces.


Simple Face Puppetry

Swing the cursor to emote. Then navigate the nitty-gritty of lip sync, eye movement, and subtle expressions.

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Facial Keyframes

Swoosh the mouse to drive facial expressions, lip shapes and eye rolls. Then, calibrate facial details with precise slider controls.

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Accessible Face Mocap

Jump into real-time face mocap at any budget. Choose between the availability of webcams or the advanced TrueDepth tracking on the iPhone. Different mocap profiles are also accessible for different personas.

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Eye-Catching Expressions

360° Head Turns

Our 2D characters can perform complete 360° head turns, similar to their 3D counterparts. This also unlocks multi-angle editing.   Know More >

Talking Animations

Make static photos, drawings, and other images come alive with talking animations. Synchronize lip movement with your audio or text files.   Know More >

Extensible Expressions

Enhance character traits by applying different facial shapes and features. Mix and match from a collection of eye, brow, nose, and mouth parts to get the desired look. While you are at it, grab some content packs to expand your collection.   Watch Tutorial >