2D Character Animation Editing

The animation features are enhanced with each generation of characters. Please refer to the tag (G2, G3, G3 360) for each feature. View Manual >

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Body Animation

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Animate in Less than 10 Seconds
  • Do complex animations by using pre-animated motion clips.
  • Easily blend and edit motions in the Timeline.
  • Add character motions from a vast motion library or Content Store.
  • Converting 3D motions into 2D animations. Know More >
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Intuitive IK/FK Character Animation
A simple and functional design sets Cartoon Animator apart from other 2D Animation tools. The intuitive IK / FK system auto-switches so that character posing for animation is fluid and logical. Just lock the character feet for perfect non-sliding foot contact, and lock the character hands for precise interaction with props and scenes.

Hand Pose Editor &
Natural Gesture Selections
  • Access a library of bone-hand pose options, which includes reaching, holding, counting, sign languages, and casual ones.
  • Set hand pose keys in the timeline for smooth gesture animation and alternate palm facing via Hand Flip track.
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Motion Key Editing
  • Sample Motion Clip helps to turn a recorded motion clip to keys for further editing, choose Optimize Keys for reduced key frames
  • Specify the sampling range to Selected Parts and simplify keyframe editing along with timeline performance.
  • Use Collect Clip to turn selected keys into a motion clip for further use.

2D character animation
Spring Animation Creation

Characters with spring bones will jiggle and react to simple movement with secondary motion: wiggle and bob a character around to see it happen!

Exaggerated Animation
  • Create cartoonish effects like squash and stretch, anticipating, and exaggeration with Free Form Deformation.
  • Accentuate different parts of the animation by moving lattice points and adjusting intensity levels.
  • Create FFD keys by using transition curves in the timeline.
  • Deploy a pre-made FFD template to instantly enrich your animation.
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Curve-based Motion Key Editor for G3 & G3 360 Characters
  • FK and IK pose editing for all G3 & G3 360 bone-based characters.
  • By combining pose keys with motion curves, you can instantly create professional cartoon animation results in seconds.

2D character animation - UI

G2 Character Animation

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2D Motion Key Editor - Body IK & FK Control
  • 3 Modes to set character animation keys: Pose, Transform Body Sprites, and Face.
  • Use Pose mode with IK editing for character posing; use the Body and Face modes with FK editing for key framing and motion layering.
  • Select individual or multiple body parts to puppeteer by dragging your mouse cursor around the editing area.
2D character animation
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Import 3D Animations for Multi-dimensional Characters
  • 3D motions contain data for multi-dimensional movements that can be applied to multi-dimensional characters.
  • 3D motions make your 2D characters turn around and change angles by automatically switching and stretching their body sprites.
  • Apply 3D motions to G3 characters directly.
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HumanIK - 3D Motion Editing
  • With the 3D motion control and universal skeleton, users can now turn 2D characters in multiple angles, giving them total control over perspectives and 3D movements.
  • The 3D Motion Key Editor lets you manually move character limbs in a three-dimensional space, allowing you to use the Human IK system to drag and balance connecting limbs.
  • iClone Motion Link, 3D motion editing for G3 characters. Learn More >

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Body Puppeteering

Use a mouse or any other handheld device to create a character's body animation. Simply select the body parts and puppet behavior, and control the animation as you playback or record in real-time.

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Facial Animation

Facial Puppeteering
  • 10 default profiles instantly define a character's facial animation.
  • Puppeteer with personality thanks to embedded profiles including; Dog, Cat, Horse, Elastic Folks, and other 5 human types.
  • Six emotion styles - neutral, delightful, sad, angry, happy, and surprised; each with advanced select and de-select layer editing capabilities.  
facial animation - UI
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Facial Key Editor enhanced with Free Form Deformation
  • Select individual or multiple facial features, and puppet their behaviors by dragging the mouse cursor around the editing area.
  • Full control over facial features, mouth openings, eye rolling, emotional expressions, and more.
  • Use sliders to precisely blend unique feature shapes from the Detailed Face Key Settings.

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Audio Scrubbing

Now you can hear the audio at the playhead position as you drag the playhead so that you can quickly find a particular sound in the audio file.

Audio Lip-syncing

Import a WAV file or record your own voice with the built-in audio capture feature. Enjoy a vast phoneme databank that automatically lip-syncs to your image. Text-to-Speech offers better quality for all end-users, plus additional solutions for text-driven voice performances.

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Facial Mocap for Real-time Production
  • Generate facial mocap for real-time production from any webcam or iPhone TrueDepth camera.
  • Creat your own real-time show to broadcast live.
  • Adjust strength levels for different facial features.
  • Choose optimized Face Profiles for different character types.