Cartoon Animator enables artists, illustrators, cartoonists and designers to easily create animatable 2D characters from static images, photos, paintings, layered Photoshop PSD, and even vector graphics. The 2D Bone Editor has all the tools to successfully structure sophisticated bone rigs. Users can use pins to constrain areas to selected bones and optimize subdivision topology for smoother bending effects. Save effort on custom bone-rigging and key frame animation by providing full facial and body rigged character templates allowing users to utilize shared bones structures while enjoying a huge library of cartoon motions.


Animated character - photos & images character showcase
Photo & Image
Any image can be a character design source, from tin toys to celebrity faces, from clay to pets.
Animated character - illustrative art showcase
If you are already an artist, you can now bring your drawings, line art and comics to life.
Animated character - paintings showcase
Give another dimension to classical works of art and reinterpret the dynamic visual in any artistic mind through animation.


Rig 2D Characters from Images or Photos

Add bones to any image and to quickly animate. So, no matter if you are using simple or sophisticated structures with the 2D Bone Editor, it can all be rigged well. Align or Connect the bone and add Pins to constrain the area.
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For 2D character designers to create animated characters from sprites

Instant Animation:

Spring Dynamics  |  Free Form Deformation

Character Template and Auto IK Rig

To save effort on custom bone-rigging and key frame animation, we provide whole sets of facial and body rigged character templates which makes your design instantly compatible with thousands of professional 2D animation libraries. Templates include Human, Quadruped, Wings, and Spine.

Vector Pipeline  |  PSD Pipeline  |  Template Resources

Apply with 2D Animation Libraries

  • Do complex animations by using pre-animated motion clips.
  • Easily blend and edit motions in the Timeline.
  • Add character motions from a vast motion library or Content Store.
  • Converting 3D motions into 2D animations. Know More >

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Custom Face Creation -
Free Angle Head

More than creating a turning head, you can give a full spin to a simple shaped creature - even a moody bird. Freely add angle points to setup the character look as the head turns. Each angle point contains data for sprite transformation, deformation, and sprite change. Create perfect 360° characters by properly adding angle definitions for horizontal and vertical turns. Know More >

Custom Face Creation - Mix Creative Assets

Mix and match facial features to create 360 characters. Dynamic hairstyles and accessories can also include multiple view angles. Combine 360 Head with selected Body style for perfect Smart IK Animation. Know More >


Accelerate 2D Character Design and Creation

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