2D Character Creation

Rig 2D Characters

from Images

The 2D Bone Editor has all the tools to structure sophisticated bone rigs. Users can use pins to constrain areas to selected bones, and optimize subdivision topology for smoother bending effects.

character Creation - single bone 2D character rig

The easiest way of 2D character creation is by simply aligning bones along an image shape.

Character Creation - multiple bones 2D character rig

Setup intricate 2D character rigs using custom bone structures, with pins to define static regions.

Spring Bone Creation

Spring bone creation is available for Cartoon Animator 5. Characters with spring bones will jiggle and react to simple movement with secondary motion: wiggle and bob a character around to see it happen!

create character - house
Mask Editor for Advanced

Character Creation

  • When creating a complex humanoid sprite character, use the Mask Editor to cutout images into separate sprite layers.
  • Now you have the freedom to animate separate body parts, while defining layer orders in a character.

2D character creator - mask editor for advanced character creation

Use color threshold, lasso, and brush tools to mask out images while defining the opacity level and feather edges.

2D character creator - custom sprite editing

Custom Sprite Editing

  • The Sprite Editor allows you to manage multiple sprites in a target body part such as; various hand gestures and mouth shapes for animation.
  • You can easily import new image sprites, or replace existing sprites.
2D character creator - layer order manager

Layer Order Manager

  • Change the sprite layer order in the Layer Manager to determine their display priority (e.g. move one hand in front or behind body).
  • Select multiple parts, and drag to move them altogether to shorten the character creation process.

Character Template

To save effort on custom bone-rigging and key frame animation, we provide full facial and body rigged character templates to allow users to utilize shared bones structures while enjoying a huge library of cartoon motions.

Vast Motion Library for any Designs

We take care of the hardest part of animation so that you don't have to, by letting you directly drag motions to animate your character.

Human Motion Library

Flexibility for customizing motion loops with Start(1S), Loop(2L), End Motion(3E).

* F = Front Motion S = Side Motion

Quadruped Motion Library

Distinctive cartoon motions for dogs, cats, horses, and more.

Spine and Wings Motion Libraries

Bend, jump, roll or crawl like a snake.

* Motion pairs for flapping wings, walking legs, and floating arms.

Custom Templates for Free Bone Character Creation

Now you can create new bone structures for unique creature species, and allow them to share the same structured motion assets. In this case, you can easily switch the green T-REX into the Red Dragon while retaining the same motion performances.

2d character creator - custom 2d character rig

Animated Accessory Systems

With this powerful accessory system, you can apply a chosen item directly to the target body part like a hat to the head, or a watch to the arm. You can also freely compose an accessory using several prop items. This will enable you to use the Right-click menu to trigger animations from the selected accessory, or play them all together if they are under the same named group.

2d character creator - Assemble accessories from props

Assemble accessories from props

Grouped Animation

Animation with the same name can be automatically grouped for synchronous playback

Individual Animation

All sub-prop animations can be accessed from here

create character - divide line

Quick Perform List

Simply right-click to open the Action Menu for a entire list a frequently used Perform motions. The menu can contain voice, facial expressions, and body movements that can be custom designed by you.

sprite character - 2D character body animation
create character - divide line