import 3d motions
for 2d animations

Unlock 2D Character Animation with 3D Motion

Cartoon Animator extends its compatibility to 3D Motion, allowing users to import 3D animations and project the motion to 2D characters. More content access with tons of 3D motions for high-quality and diverse character animation. Experience a revolutionary animation approach with our proud advancement for 3D motion to 2D animation!
This feature is FREE for CTA Pipeline/Pro purchase users. Update to CTA 4.4 or purchase here.

Apply 3D Motions for Multi-angle 2D Performance

2D multi-angle animation is a new feature using ”Projection Angle” to switch the character angles agilely.A 3D motion can be converted to various 2D character animations for more creative possibilities.

Transfer Hand, Body and Toe Animation
  • The projected 2D animations can reflect 3D motion data including hand, fingers, and toes.
  • Turn on Foot Contact to let the actor step firmly on the ground, or stand on his toes.
  • Use the Ground Offset slider to change the actor’s root higher or lower for different walking styles.
  • Apply bone hands to enable finger movement, bone hands can be accessed from Composer/Content Manager.
Create Perfect Side-Scroller Animation

Combine several 3D motions to create excellent side-scroller animations. Use “Align Motion” to smoothly blend multiple motions and keep the character moving forward. Use "Flip Body'' to make 2D characters simulate 3D body rotation.

Give 2D Characters Z-Axis Movement
  • Turn on the Z-Axis option for actor depth movement. Increase the Z-Axis value to move the actor forward or increase the negative value to move the actor backward.
  • Combine Camera Perspective with adjusted lens value for increased visual effect.
How to get started with 3D motions?
3D Motion Collections for 2D Animation

* If you are a 2D animator who doesn’t need to export 3D Motions to other software (e.g. Maya, C4D), we recommend you to purchase 3D Motion in "iContent" format.

* If you are a 2D animator who doesn’t need to export 3D Motions to other software (e.g. Maya, C4D), then we recommend that you only purchase 3D motions in their "iContent" format.
More Advanced Features
Lock to Hip

Do rotated body animation by enabling this function to tell the camera to always follow an angle of a character to avoid boken motions.

Foot Rotation

For side view actors, turn on Foot Rotation to create correct motions. For front view actors, turn off this option to avoid foot breaks.