Cartoon Animator provides a fully functional PSD in-and-out solution to not only help 2D Animators, but also Graphic Designers by saving lots of time on character creation, photo animation and animated content development. The round-trip editing between Photoshop, or mainstream PSD editor, with Cartoon Animator allows artists to bring artwork to life by easily going back and forth, reiterating on graphic designs while animating.

Compatible with Mainstream PSD Tools

Photo animation - Adobe
Photo animation - Affinity
Photo animation - Affinity
Photo animation - Clip
Photo animation - Krita


We tear down the wall between graphics and animations, solving all your design problems with one process!

Pipeline for photoshop and graphic animation mobile

Cartoon Animator

  • Image to Character Rig
  • 2D Character System
  • Photo Animation
  • Instant Motion Library
  • Animation and Pose Editing
  • Lipsync & Facial Expression
  • Accessories System
  • Scene Compositing
  • Video Render

Mainstream PSD Tools

  • Character Design
  • Accessory Design
  • Outfit Design
  • Image Editing
  • Color Filter and FX
  • Create Character Series
character animation G3 360 icon

Design 360 Heads with PSD Layers

  • Complete PSD to CTA round-trip workflow for 360 Head Creation
  • The PSD character template is extended with angle layers for sprite change
  • Use several image layers to accentuate depth such like a hog’s nose
  • Build the layer hierarchy using a simple naming rule, eg. Parent > Child
  • The 360 Head Creator can generate and send angle definitions back to Photoshop, new PSD layers are generated for the 360 angle adjustments
Designing 360 Heads with Photoshop Layers

Free Templates For Hand Animations

With Bone Hand Samples, you can customize the hand by replacing the PSD hand layers. Simply move the dots to the finger joints, to create characters with rigged hands. Then, you can generate delicate finger animations through hand mocap or the Bone Hand Pose Editor. Free Template >

Customize your Hands

phtotshop animation - hand animations

Smooth Gesture Animations

phtotshop animation - gesture animations

Turn 2D Animation into Graphic Illustration

With the PSD export capabilities, Cartoon Animator is now your go-to animation tool that helps you freely pose illustrated characters, quickly swap outfits & accessories, and create custom facial expressions. After combing all your custom creations, you can then export them in layers for re-editing and compositing - saving you lots of effort and time for comic creations, magazine covers, infographics, banner designs, and much much more.

Photo animation - character design

Customize your Own Graphic Design

Send props or characters to Photoshop in PSD layers for further custom editing.

Photoshop animation draw to animate M1

Prepare your Character

Bring in graphic components to assemble your own characters.

Photoshop animation - draw to animate M2

Edit in Photoshop Tools

Use Photoshop Tools for image editing and graphics design.

Photo animation draw to animate M3

Create Facial Expressions

Puppet animate facial expressions.

Photoshop animation - draw to animate M4

Animate it

Free to pose your characters and arrange accessory layer relations.

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Exclusive PSD Character Template

We provide PSD G3 character template for users to create various animatable characters by easily organizing body parts into logically grouped layers. Free Template >

2D Scenes with 3D Depths

Design scenes in a layered PSD and send to Cartoon Animator. PSD layers (folders) appear as manageable scene elements in CTA. Then you can arrange the scene elements with Z-depth to easily create 3D parallax effects with animated cameras.     View Manual >

Easy Hierarchy Buildup

  • Easily group PSD layers into individual objects.
  • Follow the intuitive PSD layer naming rules to set object hierarchy for structured animations.     View Manual >

Create Animated Scenes

Arrange objects with 3D depth for parallax effects, animate with free-form deformation (FFD) keys, or apply dynamic animations from the motion libraries. Send updated PSD artworks to CTA, for conceptualization to production in no time.     

Roundtrip Editing for PSD Editors

A two-way process that evolves sketch concepts and storyboards, to final production. Start with storyboard sketches and bring them to CTA for animation. Keep updating the artwork while keeping the animation intact.

Create Prop Animation

Elastic Motions
Apply Elastic Motion effects to your props, and generate animations with custom speed and motion curves.

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Compound Prop Animations
Follow simple PSD layer naming rules to group items and set object hierarchy for structured animation.

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FFD (Free Form Deformation)
You can fine-tune parametric values to create precise dynamic behaviors through FFD.

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