iClone integrates some of the top 3D hardware and software technologies across the industry, bringing even more productive power right to your fingertips. Now with the coming open architecture and the ability to write your own plug-ins, the possibilities for iClone’s evolution are limitless.

Character Creation

Character Creator

Design unlimited fully-rigged 3D characters for realtime animation.

Avatar Toolkit

Assemble unique custom avatars from puppet-ready body parts.


Convert real human photos or comic images into animated 3D heads.

Motion Capture

Faceware Facial Mocap

Markerless facial motion capture for realtime animation.

Perception Neuron Body Mocap

Mocap anywhere, anytime with the high mobility & effective capture range.

Kinect Body Mocap

The most affordable and intuitive motion capturing solution in the industry.

Animation & Compositing

Curve Editor

Adapt all the skills of classic animation training to your iClone animations.


Animation pipeline to external tools with importing and exporting all types of 3D assets.


Transparent video creator with one-click chroma key for realtime video compositing.

Super Visual


Achieve top level quality VFX with PopcornFX, currently in use in game productions, from indies to AAA.