popVideo delivers a one-click background screen removal feature with a wide range of chroma key color options to instantly turn videos and image sequence into crisp, transparent videos. Deal with various imperfect shooting conditions thanks to the powerful chroma key Timeline editor and a comprehensive set of Mask tools. Supports a proprietary synchronous popVideo format compatible with Reallusion animation software for real-time 3D/2D video compositing. Work with industry standard formats for practical export and use with 3rd party video editing applications. 


  • Easy to create transparent videos from green, blue and other color backgrounds
  • Complete mask tools and powerful chroma key timeline editor
  • Cope with various shooting scenarios like imperfect lighting, camera movement, or color spill caused by poor recording conditions
  • Supports industry standard output formats for professional post editing
  • Compatible with iClone 3D animation software for real-time synchronous video compositing
  • Easy to create and manage a transparent video library
chroma key timeline editor

Chroma Key
Timeline Editor

green screen chroma key

Convert Alpha
Image or Video

chroma key & transparent video

Adjust Speed &

3D video compositing

3D Compositing

chroma key & transparent video

ProRes MOV
4K Output


transparent video

Build up a library of transparent videos for use as in montages, video remixes, or collages that can be quickly used to create catchy, professional, commercial-quality videos.

3D video compositing

Immerse real actors in the created 3D worlds while adding stunning visual effects, and real-time 3D composited assets for filmmaking, or movie previz.

Works with iClone
virtual set & VFX

Set up showrooms, news studios, or video walls for effective announcements displaying products, actors, or illustrated concepts in a professional way.

Virtual Set & VFX


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