Character Creator 4
Issue 8798
Universal Method To Capture ANY Morph and Transfer it to ANY character - Face & Body etc Face Mocap can puppet your vertex assignment
Vertex assignment is like glue/weight painting - CC4/iC8 has cloth tracking and can be used to temporary glue your character's face vertex positions of from a preset you make identifying and covering the face area; lips, eyes etc so the points gets matched on another character's eyes, lips etc that has a morph.. Your character's eyes, lips nose etc will follow the character's morph you want to copy. Basically the other character will puppet the face shape/morph to your character and when the morph on your character looks good, you'd bake the shape.

Additionally, if your character had the vertex assignment profile, faceware could be developed so that if you make a facial expression, it puppets the vertex points on your character and if you like what you see you'd just bake the Puppet shape into a morph so it can be used without facial mocap. CC4 needs Faceware plugin and making facial morphs for characters can be made rapidly! If soft cloth physics was applied to the character to offer more vertex resolution, this could help create more accurate shapes especially if the mocap software was able to use more vertex control points.

So we have two methods of capturing morphs (could be animated morphs as well)

1. Capture morphs built into any character
2. Facial Mocap - directly controls vertex assignment in real-time

For this to work, vertex assignment preset must be mapped to both the transmitting character and the receiving Character.
OS: Windows 10
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The significance of having this is that your imported HIK character can actually have full library of accurate facial morphs within minutes once you have set the ideal matching strength which I think is likely necessary if models aren't the same size or the selected region size between the models are different.

Only CC3+ characters can accept facial morphs of other CC3+ characters. 

With this concept you could potentially apply facial morph data to curtains that even has wind physics, sand, walls etc it's an evolution of Morph Creator in iClone. 
It doesn't have to be limited to facial morphs, you could potentially use Booleans (additive, subtractive and maybe difference?) to make objects morph into other objects or into characters that has different topology but sufficient resolution.  

So this would eliminate the need to sculpt morphs to match other shapes and do the job in a matter of seconds.
Because this method could be used to paint vertex puppet points on not just characters but any surface such as clouds or landscape , iClone's lip-sync and facial expressions could be applied to such surfaces for VFX.
Vertex assignment could be indexed and color coded specific for different face and body regions as different groups assigned to capture each facial morph. We can do this already in Zbrush with projection but not efficiently with batch convert functions.
Once both characters faces are vertex mapped for recognition of the face boundary, eye, nose and mouth position, the auto generate morphs looks at the saved preset and calculates & bakes all the shapes.
In case anyone still doesn't understand - beards and mustaches are Cloth that are attached via vertex assignment. When facial morphs/expressions happen, iClone translates the vertex positions in real-time, so if the expression is stretchy, the beard will follow the shape and position. 

So imagine if you had a puppeteer (a character you would like to get morphs from, or facial mocap) either would instruct the vertex positions to shift and shape another character's vertex position, well this would exactly be what is instructing  your character's face to do.  

The other interesting thing this could work on is anything that has cloth enabled so it too can receive facial shapes morphs..  water, terrain, clouds etc
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