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Issue 7729
Some sets do not show LOD properly on newly imported characters
im having an issue with the reallusion livelink, in some sets the characters LOD seems to be wrong (get close but lod doesnt change) and some sets it seems fine. also if i set the LOD to 0 nothing happens, any ideas?
also they look fine in the skeletal mesh.

I am using iclone 7.9 with the ex w tounge facial settings, UE4.26.1, updated livelink, and new character creator plugin.

one of the sets that failed is free on unreal it is the western town.

I transferred a BUNCH of characters all at once.
OS: Windows 10
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  • same character inside skeletalmesh.jpg
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Submitted byHooDooPhonix
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is this one? it's not free for me to test it lol

could you record your workflow? you can share the link in private comment

iClone won't have LOD so if your workflow is CC > SEND TO IC > IC LIVE LINK "Transfer File" UE > Link Activated in IC>>> it's not LOD issue (Because IC doesn't include LOD data )

if your workflow is CC > Export FBX with LOD (Remesh) > AutoSetup import to UE > CC SEND TO IC > IC Live Link "Link Activated" to UE > in UE  FBX with LOD Apply LIVE LINK BP >>> it has LOD data then we can check it's Auto Setup or LIVE LINK or it's UE Set issue.

or you can provide one set works, one set "not" works with same workflow video to help us identify the issue
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that is not the only set, i had used these characters in these sets without any issue before the update
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