Character Creator 4
Issue 8807
If animation is loaded and facial Profile editor is loaded, editor isn't clean/default
There are a few frames added to the Facial Morph editor that add to your custom morphs even though in the animation bar it states "current frame"

If this is done on purpose so users can expand there facial morph library from existing facial animations, a suggestion then: -maybe when creating viseme for the first time (empty morphs) there should be a checkbox users can have set to automatically zero out all morphs because reset doesn't seem to do that and for me, if reset did actually work, I don't always remember to include reset to zero out all the morphs so the previous animation wont corrupt the new viseme morph. When the previous animation does interfere, it adds changes to the CC4 extended or standard area. I usually have to start over, set the character in T-pose, then enter facial profile editor to create correct morphs.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byAscensi
Another issue, when trying to preview with lipsync_m for example, it has a bunch of head movements already that interferes when you just want to cleanly see all the expression morphs because like the previous feedback, there was existing animation carried over to the CC4 Extended morph area, not full expression slider changes usually just like level 1-4 etc just enough to notice that additional movement is being added to your morph.

My suggestion is to have lipsync_m_raw (no head movements)