Character Creator 4
Issue 11018
Display and animate active facial morph slider highlighted in facial profile editor when facial calibration animations are played.
You have animated morph slider functionality in Motion Live, we need this same functionality in the facial profile editor but highlight either a radial button next to the active slider or the label itself during facial calibration animations so we can better see which slider morph is at fault (which slider doesn't look right and needs to be edited)

Because of the large list of morph sliders, I guess adding "focus on active slider" will be needed so that the view scrolls to the highlighted active morph.
Using this enhancement with Viseme audio clips of the intended speech sound would help make the Facial Profile Editor very easy to work with.

If you want to save time with development, I highly recommend:

A superior product catered to every unique users face for facial motion capture and wrinkle system would be:

1.Capture sound and facial expression from AccuFace - Since the green calibration dots recognize depth, and
2.your HeadShot 2 can wrap a high definition scanned face to a character, should be able to combine the depth tracking from Accuface calibration for a particular facial expression and use it to conform the mesh to a morph - no need to sculpt individual facial expressions - it's like using Headshot 2 for every facial expression and Visme.
OS: Windows 11
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Submitted byAscensi