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Issue 9232
CC4-> Unity - Blendshapes and animation not able to run together
Following a thread in Reallusion support, it has been suggested that we post the following query here to the Feedback tracker as well:

We've been trying to figure out an issue regarding animations and blendshapes coming from a CC4 character into Unity.
We cannot use blendshapes while an animation is running although we have other assets (not from CC4) which do not have this problem.

Here is a link to a video attempting to explain the problem we are having. It starts in Unity showing the character exported from CC4. Later there is an explanation of the CC4 setup and export process we have been using.

Link to character files:

I hope this explains the issue we are having and perhaps it's something that could be improved on. In the meantime, we will be grateful for any suggestions or corrections needed.

OS: Windows 11
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi Raanan

Thanks for your feedback.
I checked the fbx you provided, and found that there's blendshapes key in the animation.
So when the animation is playing, the adjustment of the blendshape slider will be blocked until the animation is finished.
Please try to export fbx without the facial animation, our template motion (in this case is Female > Idle03_F) has facial animation.

Hope this answers your question, please feel free to contact us if any further question.