Character Creator 4
Issue 8846
AI Character Concept and generator from sketches (could work together with with Headshot) Bones Could be generated by AccuRig
Note: this AI concept must be connected directly to systems inside CC4

1. AI analyzes sketches and or photos and creates a character image reference
2. the detection of eyes, mouth, lips, nose, brows, ears and hair is further refined for HQ realism or toon (to create headshot character and skingen and or CTA parts)
3.AccuRig is optionally launched if the character is beyond human form and adds automatic joints in Left angles like ankles and will add joints in the center of limbs and offer to add additional joints between them.

Normal & displacement maps can be extracted from color images if the AI can simulate cavity maps or AO.

Procedural character topology could be generated by the AI or it chooses a variation of provided weldable, seamless modular parts.

AI is rapidly changing everyone's workflow, it's probably best to jump on this now, be a leader or else be left behind by other developers.
OS: Windows 10
*If the sketch is a creature and can't detect a face, the user is prompted to define the eyes, lips, mouth etc by stretching a human face color map over the AI generated face to line up the mouth, eyes etc

*headshot will use the altered human photo to create the head shape and setup the eyes & mouth etc but will use the AI generated image as the texture.
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