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Issue 5551
3 things that I really would like to see in iClone...
Hi RL,

during the editing process I always struggle with 3 limitations, which i hope one day (hopefully not too far away...) you will plan to fix:

1. the Mini Viewport is... "really "mini" : I understand somebody gave it this name, but in the age of multi-monitors it would come really in handy if we could resize to something bigger... so... in place of "mini viewport", I am going to give here as a gift a new, more modern, and surely more sexy name: "Alternative viewport" or "Extended viewport"... how does it sound ?
Then, if you want to evaluate the possibility to make the big step and give us the option to have multiple viewports, like 2 or 3, I would surely not complain: it would be incredibly useful to evaluate different camera angles in one shot

2. pls, give us the option to lock the Gizmo to a fixed position of the viewport: I found situations where the Gizmo is out of the viewport and it is not convenient to bring it in because I need the pivot, which might be out of the viewport, exactly in that place. Other times the Gizmo is exactly on top of the details that I am working on, covering them...
It should not be difficult to give us the option to lock the Gizmo to a fixed position: surely easier (in terms of SW programming) than having a moveable Gizmo...

3. try to bring into the "mini viewport" everything that is available in the main viewport. This is not always the case, for example the container of a legacy particle is not showed in the mini viewport... there are surely other cases...


OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byRobertoColombo
Viewport camera animation in real time !
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