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Issue 302
Option for a "Floating Gizmo" to be in center of viewport
When positioning objects (props or avatars), often times I need to zoom in to get precise results, but then the Translate/Rotate/Scale gizmo is outside of the viewport.

It would be really nice OPTION to have the GIZMO APPEAR IN THE CENTER OF THE VIEWPORT so I could still use it.

I suggest a hotkey to (and menu option) to toggle between a "floating" and "anchored" gizmo.

When the "floating gizmo" option is active, some sort of "dot" or mini-gizmo or phantom-gizmo should also appear in the actual location so, if when you are zoomed back enough, you can see where the center of rotation/scale actually is.

A pole-vault athlete needs to hold the long pole. The gizmo "anchor point" is at the end that gets jabbed into the ground, but the athlete holds onto the opposite end. You zoom on the athlete's hands so you can position the pole in his grip, but now the gizmo is 12 feet (4 meters) away at the opposite end of the pole and is outside the viewport, rendering it unusable. When you zoom out enough to use the gizmo, you can't get a good detailed view of his hands.

I know you can also use the "arrows" to change the "Transform" values, but that's usually not nearly as handy as using the gizmo for most purposes.
OS: Windows 7
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Submitted byjustaviking
Data Juggler
This request is progressing fast. It should be easy to just make the arms gizmos appear in the Gizmo. 

I also wish new objects when created appeared where you are at, instead at 'Home' position. 

It is like you ask someone to hand you a screwdriver, and they do, but they place it in the kitchen, when you are in the garage and you have to go find it.
FYI... Another "duplicate" recently appeared, but with some specific shortcut-key suggestions.