iClone 6
Issue 495
Please add "Switch" to the list of Mini Viewport cameras
REQUEST: It would be helpful if "Switch" was added to the list of cameras for the Mini Viewport.

DETAILS: While editing, I find myself using the Preview camera for editing since I can rotate and zoom in/out without messing up my camera angles.

As I work my way back and fourth along the timeline, I often traverse cuts between cameras (using the "Switch" functionality). That means the Mini Viewport may not be showing what the "correct" camera will see.

Currently, I need to remember to keep changing the selected camera in the Mini Viewport. Sometimes I don't know which camera to switch to, so I have to hover over the "Switch" line on the Timeline to see which camera is the active one. Sometimes I forget to do that.

IMPACT: When the Mini Viewport is showing an incorrect camera, I may waste time positioning props or body parts that aren't visible to the camera. Or I may make a motion that looks a bit odd from the desired camera, and I end up having to redo the edit a second or third time. This is especially noticeable when I'm trying to coordinate a motion and my camera cuts.

SCOPE: To be clear, I am not requesting multiple or additional Mini Viewports at this time. We would still have only the main editing window and one Mini Viewport. I just want "Switch" to be added to the list of cameras for the Mini Viewport.
OS: Windows 7
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Submitted byjustaviking