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Multiple viewports to aid in positioning items - 3 orthographic, 1 free-form
When trying to position props, such as placing a teacup on a table or putting an object in an avatar's hand, I need to reorient my view multiple times. I need to view it from the front, top, and side because viewing from one angle does not tell you the whole story.

It would be SO helpful if I could have FOUR VIEWPORTS open at one time. The first three would be on either local or global axis, X/Y/Z and the fourth would be at a more "scene-oriented" position that I chose.

Then when I move the prop, I could see clearly what direction(s) I need to move it to achieve the desired position.

It would be best if the gizmo was active in all four views, for greatest convenience, but if you need to pick only one, then the "freeform" view would be the one.

Although my title specifies "orthographic" views, the viewports don't have to be restricted to those views, but I wanted to convey the main purpose behind my request.

In actual implementation, the three "orthographic" views can't be fully locked, because we might need to zoom or pan, or "EASILY" switch 180 degrees (font/back, left/right, above/below). A "flip direction" for that would be cool, where the camera moves 180 degrees to look from the other direction, but still "at" the selected object.

A GREAT DEFAULT "positioning layout" would be for three of the windows "looking at" the selected object along the three global axis.

Lastly, it would be nice to turn easily perspective on/off for this sort of work, but that's not critical.

In the top-right view, the small box appears correctly placed, but the other three views clearly reveal a problem.
OS: Windows 7
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Submitted byjustaviking
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Give me anything instead of what we have now. A bigger size at least!! I've been working on three monitors for decades and still the 'mini' [well named] viewport is like a postage stamp.
After all of the great updates over the years surely this must have been over looked.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do something!!!!!
Very Much hoping Reallusion will bring this to Iclone Version 8 . ALL 3D applications I am aware of have this feature - presumably for a reason ! Its necessary.
Whilst this request specifically asks for ortho views [ which IC has using shortcut keys  I   believe what is need is  well demonstrated with Daz Carrara ibterface -{the one I'm most familiar with ]

Its features are  Icons  representing the layout [ 1/2/3 or4 panes } click on any one and workspace adjusted accordingly.Very quick - no mind gymnastics trying to remember shortcuts,

Second - each pane  has a drop down menu showing available cameras that can be chosen to set the view as required.

Clicking in any of the panes makes it "active" meaning  all tools  can be used and the changes are updated in the other panes realtime.. 

Since joining Iclone  The interface has been my main frustration.  
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Would be great to see this feature in the next version of iClone 7.x.
It would really help to reduce time and frustration trying to get things aligned.

Using iclone 7.4x with Win 10 Pro
I have been wanting an orthographic viewport since I started with iClone 6 years ago. It would make it easier to fill the stage with props and in general align things properly. This part of a project *is* more akin to technical drawing than movie making. The align tool certainly helps a bit, but for easier tweaking just one orthographic viewport would be great. The suggested 4 views would of course be nicer -- the render quality will have to be rather poor to keep the FPS at a reasonable level, that's ok.
This proposal is very good
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