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Featured Studio - iTAK Studio

Igor Tkachenko

I live in small coastal town in Ukraine. My father was great artist, that’s why I started painting since I was a child. Unfortunately, just like many others I had to choose different profession and become radio- technician. But despite that I have been painting, creating, photographing, singing, writing music, and of course making animation. Lately I started giving on-line iClone and CrazyTalk Animator lessons for Russian spoken fans of Reallusion-products.

iTak Studio

ITAK-studio is my family. I work with my wife, son and daughter. My grandson is too small and he’s busy exploring the world. I think we are the only studio in Ukraine, which employs just family members. We are freelancers for about 15 years. We used to do any kind of work somehow related to creativity. Lately, animation became our favorite part. It has all: graphics, acting, sounds. Thanks to CrazyTalk Animator we recently started working on production of short funny cartoons together with local TV network. We are always open to any new ideas (thanks to Tim Berners-Lee and his WWW).




Family-based Studio with Professional 2D&3D Productions

Q: What is your experience with CrazyTalk Animator and iClone?

I’ve been working with iClone since the beginning of 2009 (version 4), and with CrazyTalk Animator since it started


I tried many different programs until I met iClone and I realized that was exactly what I was looking for a long time. Sometimes it felt like it was me who developed it. The way the program works and my understanding of how the similar software is suppose to work are identical. The same applies to CrazyTalk Animator. I feel very comfortable using those programs. To give an example, I’m just building a bridge between my heart and the hearts of my audience without thinking that I have a welding machine in my hands.

Q: Where do you get the ideas and inspirations for your videos?

It’s easy to answer. The ideas just come into my head, probably because it has too much empty space... It would be much more difficult to answer the question about where I get the patience to complete the technical part of the project. And that’s exactly where user-friendly CrazyTalk Animator and iClone come into a play and help me finish this difficult task.

Q: What is the best part about animating with CrazyTalk Animator?

The best part about CrazyTalk Animator is its unique ability to save all data including moves, emotions, parts of outfits etc. You can use it in your next projects, which significantly saves time. The compatibility of all Reallusion products is the great feature that helps solve any task.

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Q: How would you describe your animation style?

I adore the graphics style of the 50-70th. It had its own spirit. I try to use that style in my works.


For more information about iTAK Studio, please visit these websites:



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