It'sMe is now iClone™ - a Brand-new Take on 3D Character Animation!

Empowered by the advanced facial morphing and 3D character animation technology, iClone is your latest animation tool for creating customized 3D talking avatars with amazing sets and costumes. With a single photograph and recorded or imported audio, iClone can instantly transform these elements into 3D animation with incredible results! Designed for professional digital movie projects, home video production, interactive web content, mobile application, and 3D screensaver creation, iClone makes it easy to build personalized 3D characters and add lively animation to any multimedia experience.

iClone's features include :

  • Photo-realistic 3D head animation and facial morphing technology
  • Multiple body styles and clothing
  • Life-like motion capture animation
  • Automatically sync motion to music rhythm
  • Motion Editor (Studio edition only)
  • Custom 2D and 3D scenes, 3D accessories, and 3D props
  • Flexible media output for video, website, PC, and mobile application
  • Tools & plug-ins for developers
Useful Information :
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