Substance Designer

Complete Bundle

Tools, Library, and Training for iClone users


Reallusion is proud to have the highly-acclaimed Substance engine embedded within iClone 6, providing users with a whole new world of texture options. With Substance Designer, you can unleash your creativity and generate your own unique substances for any scenario that you may come across. This node-based texture compositing tool allows to create your own substances or bitmap textures and texture all of your iClone assets.


Substance Power 200 Content Pack

Reallusion has worked together with Allegorithmic to bring you a distinctive and functional selection of premium Substance materials for use in iClone 6. This essential library of substances can be customized and modified via a slider interface to achieve a nearly unlimited variety of visual material results for more flexibility and enhanced realism.

Ready-to-use Substance Materials
Well-organized in 6 Categories


This collection includes bricks, pavement, metal wires, you name it! Change the tiling patterns or add cracks and mortar for different effects.


All sorts of wood with different characteristics including knots, grains, aging, peeling and anything else you can think of for wood textures.


From brushed metal to iron floors and corrugated tin plates with bullet holes, this collection has more metal than a Metallica concert.


Rock on with this impressive assortment of stone cold substances, with characteristics like moss coverage and cracking.


Here you'll find everything from sand and foliage to waves and grass, with adjustable values such as rain drops and snowfall.


This unique substance collection includes several transparent glass types as well as liquid and ice layers with special custom modifications.


How to create your own iClone Substances

Docs | Tuts | Projects | Source Files

The hands-on and comprehensive guides and resources in this learning kit are designed to help you with creating your own complex substances in no time. Just follow the step-by-step process laid out within and use the source files to become a Substance Designer pro in no time!

1 PDF + 2 Projects:
Your quick guide to creating prop weathering effects

This PDF document demonstrates how to create custom models that are compatible with multi-material substances in iClone 6, and the process of baking surface maps which is essential for correct application.

2 sample projects Cabinet and Knight, which are used to demo in the PDF doc, along with their source files of maps and mesh for you to try from scratch by following the instructions.

8 Video Tutorials (1 Hour) + Source Files:
Step-by-step guide to creating a layered decal substance for iClone

This comprehensive set of video tutorials will demonstrate how to effectively blend different texture maps in a substance, and control the size and location of a decal to result in a quality visual result. Learn how to create your own substance graph and a fully-customizable decal substance that you can use in combination with any other materials in your scene. Source files (.sbs) that are editable in Substance Desginer are also included.

Part 1 – Introduction

Part 2 - Graph Overview

Part 3 - Base Color Subgraph

Part 4 - Density Subgraph

Part 5 - Alpha or Mask Subgraph

Part 6 - Xform Subgraph

Part 7 - Combine to 1 Main Graph

Part 8 - Publish and Usage in iClone