3DX4 Pro opens the door to all 3D programs supporting FBX format output. FBX files are the most common media for high-level 3d data exchange and with their added support to 3DX4 users can import skin-bone models, multi-texture material, and animation data. The .FBX file format provides the easiest path to create and import custom characters and models for iClone.

The iClone Developer's Resource Pack is designed by professional iClone content creators, aiming to help iClone users to quickly master the pipeline of importing animated characters from professional 3D tools such as Autodesk 3DS MAX, Maya, and DAZ. It also demonstrates how to further enhance the model using 3D Sculpt and Paint tools like ZBrush. Through the application of our sample projects, it saves users time and effort to start building your own professional character creations.

This resource pack contains characters, motions & props saved in iClone format which users can directly load into iClone. It also comes with a separate FBX source file-set for advanced 3D content developers using programs with FBX import capability such as MAX, Maya, Blender,... etc.

This pack includes a zip file and an iClone content installer.
The zip file contains FBX files, which can be imported into 3DXchange 4 and converted to iClone props and characters. Or, you may further edit your files with 3D tools before converting. All texture maps are embedded in the FBX files.
The iClone content installer will install Props, Characters and Motions into their target folders; which you can directly start to animate in iClone4. To see the best visual results, just switch on the pixel shader mode.

1. Old Tribesman – Learn to Sculpt and Paint iClone Characters with ZBrush

This is a high realistic version of an iClone character after editing with sculpt and paint using ZBrush. It shows the game industry pipeline to refine the real-time 3D character. Though both characters are in the same polygon count, the Old Tribesman shows much higher detail using normal map and texture paint generated from ZBrush.

2. Fantasy Beast - Beyond bipeds, Motion Design for Non-Standard Characters

See the result of the full pipeline to create beautiful characters optimized for iClone's real-time environment. Modeled & animated in Maya, then detailed in ZBrush, the Fantasy Beast shows visual quality and custom animation with several motion segments include walk, run and attack all combined for a unique iClone character.

3. Greeny – Importing Cartoon Characters with Sophisticated facial and body animation

This character has the facial animation driven by bones, see the soft jelly like animation and how to import them into iClone as a non-human character. You can segment the character's motions for the iClone right-menu performance command access.

4. Robot Arm - Creating a Simple Parent-child Animation Using RTS Control

Through this project, users can learn how to import a Maya animated 3D model as an iClone iProp using basic animation skills.

All images are real-time rendered using iClone4

  FBX MB iProp MB iAvatar MB iMotion MB
Character Base for Maya 2.7            
Old Tribesman 21.1     20.6    
Greeny 13.2     1.7 1.3
Fantasy Beast 60.1     14.9 3.3
Robot Arm 5.3 2.7