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iClone 6 Upgrade

This upgrade page contains details for the latest release version. You can also see the iClone 6 What's New page for more information.

Below are downloadable packs to ensure that you have the latest product version of iClone 6 installed. A version history will be included so that you can better understand the new features added, and the issues resolved within each specific release.

  • Official Release Version: v6.53.3511.1
  • Release Date: 2016-11-14
  • Language: English Version

Character Creator

Free Update

iClone 6.53 (v6.53.3511.1) Hotfix

  • Format: .zip
  • Last update on May 22nd 2017.
  • Download this Hotfix in Member page > Registration > iClone 6 PRO > Patch/Bonus
  • Please find the readme file as the install instruction after unzip the Hotfix.
Version File Size Download
v6.53 Hotfix for v6.53 PRO 205 MB

iClone 6.53 (v6.53.3511.1) update patch

  • Format: .exe
  • Last update on November 14th 2016.
Version File Size Download
v6.53 patch for v6.5 above PRO & Standard 133 MB

iClone Version History

v6.53 (6.53.3511.1) Hotfix released on May 22nd, 2017

    A supported hotfix is available from Reallusion. However, this hotfix is intended to correct only the problem that is described in below. Apply this hotfix only to iClone that are experiencing the problem described in below. This hotfix might receive additional testing. Therefore, if you are not severely affected by this problem, we recommend that you wait for the next software update that contains this hotfix.
    Note If additional issues occur or if any troubleshooting is required, you might have to contact our techincal support.

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1) iClone

  • Fixed: iClone crashes when changing G3/G5 character heads.
  • Fixed: Split or distorted mesh when G5 or prior generation characters change clothes and heads.
  • Fixed: Some of the trees appear without leaves (Total Plants Biosphere Collection Pack)
  • Fixed: Watermark appears in iClone on purchased iAvatars with morph sliders.
  • Fixed: Certain G3, G5 characters looks different, their hairs do not conform correctly when opened in iClone 6.53.

v6.53 (6.53.3511.1) released on November 14th, 2016

    Several bugs fixed.

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1) iClone

  • Fixed: Projects saved in iClone 6.52 have the following timeline track defects: Feedback Tracker Report 1 | Feedback Tracker Report 2
    - When the timeline Object Related Track button is set to on and the character is selected or the Timeline Track Menu List is checked, the object does not appear in the timeline track.
    - When the Timeline Object Related Track button is set to on, and a character is applied, the object will appear in the timeline track, but not the default sub-track (sometimes everything is turned off and sometimes a strange timeline track will appear).
    *Note: Both issues are caused by incorrect timeline status data. This update will remove the timeline track status from projects saved with iClone 6.52.
  • Fixed: The "Hide Inner Mesh" checkbox does not work for certain characters with "Auto Hide Mesh" activated in iClone Character Creator.
  • Fixed: iClone crashes after loading .ini files saved from the Character Collision Shape Editor. Forum Report

2) Indigo Render Plug-in (v1.53.4711.1)

v6.52 (6.52.3420.1) released on October 27th, 2016

    New function added: RLMotion export for CrazyTalk Animator 3.
    Several enhancements and bugs fixed.

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1) iClone

  • Added: RLMotion export is now available for CrazyTalk Animator 3. Saved from Timeline > Collect Clip > Right-click to Add Motion to Library, and select .rlMotion in the drop-down menu.
  • Enhanced: Enhanced DRM verification mechanism which improves the verification speed while less error prone.
    - FBX can now be exported in 3DXchange when offline after completing the 1-Click Content Verification process
    - Send batch information to server and verify all at once
    - Extend recheck time upon server connection failure
    - Report how many scanned, how many updated, and how many failed
  • Enhanced: Image sequence naming convention has changed to a more standardized form: Name_00001 (name, underscore, number).
  • Enhanced: Speed up saving any project or custom data by enabling the Quick Thumbnail Generation function in Preference settings.
  • Fixed: iClone crashes when loading CloneBone Character.
  • Fixed: iClone crashes when loading certain projects containing CloneBone Character.
  • Fixed: iClone crashes when using particular characters such as Ghosts, Kid, etc.
  • Fixed: iClone crashes after performing the following:
    1) Apply iCloth to a softcloth enabled CC character.
    2) Select Replace Material Only during prompt.
    3) Press the Play button.
  • Fixed: A snapshot of the timeline status and condition is not saved along with the iProject.
  • Fixed: Transition curve settings consistently revert back to linear interpolation after its transfrom key-frames have been altered.
  • Fixed: Particle emitters with readjusted initial frame have discrepancies with its Modify > Emit > On/Off status.
  • Fxied: CC Characters do not interact with iClone 5 embedded iProp content (Outdoor/ Bike, Horizontal Bar, Merry-Go-Round, Seesaw, Swing Bench, Unicycle, etc.). Users now can get the fixed iProps by downloading the Bonus pack found in the Order History after logging in the member page.
  • Fixed: Replacing CC character with Look at Camera constraint will destroy said constraint. Feedback Tracker Report
  • Fixed: Dragging a character onto a certain modified heightmap terrain brings about errant vertices. Feedback Tracker Report
  • Fxied: Appling iSkin onto a G5 character does not replace the material for the entire body, just the hands.
  • Fixed: Using "Add to Perform" on a Prop with 48 or more Perform animations causes the Perform list to disappear.
  • Fixed: Videos exported from an iProject with HDR / Tone Mapping will be afflicted with screen flickering.
  • Fixed: Left and right side views of the Content Manager and Media Template Library do not match with corresponding number of folders ( e.g. the Video folder disappearing from the right side.) Feedback Tracker Report

2) 3DXchange (v6.52.2220.1)

  • Added: Import the new .RLMotion format from iClone 6.52.
  • Added: New auto-convert profile for Mixamo default beta character along with additional t-pose for fixing problems with the posture when auto-convert fails. Tutorial 1 | Tutorial 2
  • Changed: Due to the adjustments to One Click Activation inside iClone 6.52, 3DXchange will no longer maintain its own version of this feature.
  • Enhanced: FBX can now be exported when offline after completing the 1-Click Content Verification process in iClone.
  • Fixed: 3DXchange crashes when importing SKP files made by Sketchup Make 2016. Feedback Tracker Report
  • Fixed: Material names with blank spaces go missing when read into Maya via the OBJ format. Blank spaces in the naming structure are now replaced with underscores.
  • Fixed: CC's full Body export via OBJ to 3DXchange fail to link to the teeth textures.
  • Fixed: Loading an image into the Diffuse channel, on certain FBX files, has no effect on the viewport. Feedback Tracker Report
  • Fixed: Failure to load characters with HDRI textures.
  • Fixed: The second animation take of a CC character exported to Maya or 3ds Max via 3DXchange has root sliding issues.
  • FBX body and cloth mesh data vanishes on certain CC characters after doing the following:
    1) Exporting the character from CC in FBX format
    2) Load the said character back into CC
    3) Output the character in iAvatar format
    4) Load the iAvatar into 3DXchange
    5) Output an FBX from 3DXchange

v6.51 (6.51.3127.1) released on July 28th, 2016

    Several bugs fixed.

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1) iClone

  • Fixed: The appearance of on-screen watermark for purchased content after executing some commands such as Undo, Delete, etc. Feedback Tracker Report

2) 3DXchange (v.6.51.1927.1)

  • Fixed: "Not enough Memory" error message when importing FBX files. Feedback Tracker Report
  • Fixed: Shared texture reference broken after importing FBX to 3DXChange. The duplicated textures increase the file size drastically.

v6.5 (6.5.3111.1) released on July 14th, 2016

    Major new functions added: 360-Video output, Alembic export capability, and MixMove is back with Genereation II engine.
    Several enhancements and bugs fixed.

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1) iClone

  • Added: Export 360-degree video under Render / Panorama for VR Device. Know More
  • Added: iClone Mixmove is back with faster command response time, more logical motion routing, added mirror motions, and optimized motion library. Know More
  • Added: 'Viewport Resolution' for image and video exports which will preserve the visual integrity of DOF, AO, Toon shading, and Post Effect settings inside the 3D viewport.
  • Added: 'Set as Default' in Edit Motion Layer tool for character default pose assignment.
  • Added: 2 new display modes:
    - 'Xray' mode for peering through layers of clothing.
    - 'Wireframe on Shaded' displays mesh wireframe on top of the diffuse texture.
  • Added: Sample thumbnail for quick save option under Preferences shaves off the time required to create a thumbnail during the save process.
  • Added: Compatibility with the upcoming iClone Mocap Plug-in for Perception Neuron, ready for single and dual live mocap.
  • Enhanced: Greatly speed up project thumb-nailing and prop saving time
  • Enhanced: The camera view in Indigo Renderer is now completely identical to the one you see in iClone.
  • Enhanced: Get the actual frame numbers when rendering a sequence of images. (Only fixed for 60 fps frame rate) Feedback Tracker Report
  • Fixed: No more video drop-frames during 'By Frame' playback.
  • Fixed: Failed to apply motion clips saved from non-human characters.
  • Fixed: CC and G5 characters experienced shoulder flipping when applying certain motions or posing via 'Edit Motion Layer'. This fix does not apply to G6 characters.
  • Fixed: Duplicate folders under Content Manager Actor and Animation category.
  • Fixed: Whole material settings are in white text, making it difficult to determine if they are keyable or not.
  • Fixed: 'Link to' icon vanishing from Large and Small icon and font size interface.
  • Fixed: Disappearance of iClone UI panels such as 'Edit Motion Layer' and 'Motion Puppet' after reverting from dual monitor back to single monitor display.
  • Fixed: Failure to launch iClone in DX11 mode on certain Windows 7 operating systems.
  • Fixed: iClone crashes when replacing characters in certain projects.
  • Fixed: iClone crashes when loading certain projects. Feedback Tracker Resport
  • Fixed: Initial Force for rigid body simulations does not obey the 'Local' direction setting.
  • Fixed: CC Character's Indigo Materials were set as Auto-convert v2 after importing RL Head. The Skin_Head, Eye, Cornea did not keep the original Indigo shader preset as was previously the case. Feedback Tracker Report
  • Fixed: Save files took 3 to 4 times longer than in iClone 6.2 processing thumbnail.

2) Character Creator (v.1.5.1913.1)

  • Added: Support CC-compatible FBX to create custom Hair, Cloth, Shoes, Gloves, Accessory and Morph Sliders.
  • Added: Ability to export selected character and it’s outfit in FBX format as a template for asset creation.
  • Added: One can now include calibration or custom motion for skin bind weight testing (available as a FBX export option).
  • Added: New Mesh Edit tool can translate, scale, rotate, hide, and reveal selected mesh face.
  • Added: New Smooth & Relax tools to refine the mesh in Mesh Edit Mode.
  • Added: Users can now change the collision layer order of the clothing by using the Cloth Layer Setting accessible via the Window menu.
  • Added: Soft-Cloth weight map input is now available inside CC under Modify > Physics > Edit Weight Map.
  • Added: Cloth, gloves, and shoes thumbnails now have category and collision layer display.
  • Added: The enhanced Calibration function allows you to keep the calibrated posture even after closing its window.
  • Added: Importing or drag and dropping an iMotion into CC will apply the first frame of the animation to the character as a still pose.
  • Added: Pose Editing is now available inside CC under the Edit menu.
  • Added: Importing ccProject or iAvatar will give one the option to merge specific parts or replace the current project, eg. only apply the outfit to the existing character.
  • Added: Added a scene manager with new additional 'X-Ray' and 'Wireframe on Shaded' viewing mode.
  • Added: Added ability to select a specific item inside overlapping objects via the right mouse button context menu.
  • Added: Edit Contact settings for the Hands and Feet can now be accessed in the modify pane
  • Added: Floor grid now available, useful for adjusting the positions of floor contacts.
  • Added: Traditional iClone texture settings in the Material Tab for custom textures.
  • Added: Export OBJ with quad mesh for better mesh subdivision in the case of mesh smoothing and high poly sculpting
  • Enhanced: The character will preserve the Calibrated posture even after closing the Calibration window.
  • Enhanced: A direct download button will now appear in the pop-up window when you apply a ccProject or iAvatar which you have already purchased but have not yet properly installed.
  • Enhanced: Modified the symmetry of the skeleton, mesh, and the arm angle of T-pose characters.
  • Fixed: Double click on file to launch CC does not open that file.
  • Fixed: Error message Can Not Find File appeared when delete slider from Custom folder if this slider has deleted from Template folder.

3) 3DXchange (v.6.5.1904.1)

  • Added: Alembic bake export for character, accessory, and prop geometry animation for rendering inside 3rd party 3D software (suppports soft-cloth simulation). Know More
  • Added: 'Embed Textures' option inside the FBX exporter for the option to include and isolate the texture maps into a separate fbm folder, or simply embed the texture into the FBX file.
  • Added: 'Split Mesh by Material' inside the OBJ exporter for Hitfilm Alembic format.
  • Added: 'Merge Opacity to Diffuse Texture' inside the OBJ exporter for Hitfilm Alembic format.
  • Added: Auto-convert to non-standard talking character for Daz Genesis 3.
  • Enhanced: FBX texture file names now consist of material and channel information.
  • Fixed: 3DX crashes when removing sub-props on nodes that have been made into sup-props twice.
  • Fixed: 3DX crashes while exporting certain content to FBX with a Unity preset. (eg. A220B_Casual 01.iAcc)
  • Fixed: 3DX crashes when Exporting BVH format with certain characters.
  • Fixed: Specular textures do not export with the .mtl file after exporting an OBJ.
  • Fixed: CC FBX characters do not export with a root node. Feedback Tracker Report
  • Fixed: A loaded CC character is incorrectly displayed under Modify > Node > Type as 'G6 Standard Character'

v6.42 (6.42.2728.1) released on March 29th, 2016

    Several bugs fixed.

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1) iClone

  • Fixed: Abnormally high specularity and glossiness on the eye material when imported from RLHead.
  • Fixed: Failed to adjust Material Settings for Eye and Cornea after imported RLHead.

2) Character Creator (v.1.42.1523.1)

  • Added: Link for online feedback system in the Menu.
  • Added: Adjust Substance synchronization option in Preferences.
  • Fixed: Crashed when closing application in Windows 7.
  • Fixed: Gloves didn't save correctly.
  • Fixed: Unable to save Skin preset.
  • Fixed: OBJ had wrong Normal when exporting from Character Creator.
  • Fixed: Applying Morph preset caused crash when not selecting a character.
  • Fixed: Crashed when Replaced file deleted Original file.
  • Changed: Importing RLHead into Character Creator will also apply Normal and Specular maps from RLHead file.
  • Fixed: Some ccHairs are unable to use the Appearance editor.

3) 3DXchange (v.6.42.1522.1)

  • Fixed: Failed to get Y-up normal after exporting OBJ to other 3D applications (eg. 3ds Max, Maya)

v6.42 (6.42.2725.1) released on March 25th, 2016

    Several bugs fixed.

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  • Fixed: Video loop setting does not export with the video.
  • Fixed: Failed to import popVideo from the main menu.

v6.42 (6.42.2724.1) released on March 24th, 2016

    Compatible with new relased popVideo 3, and .RLHead format for 3D Head content.

Know More  ►
  • Added: Compatible with new release popVideo 3.
  • Added: Compatible with the new .RLHead format for 3D Head content.
  • Added: RL Head category under Content Manager / Actor / Head for 3D Head content.
  • Added: CC Gloves category under Content Manager / Actor / Part for future CC Cloth pack release.
  • Added: Option to Confine Face puppet area to 3D viewport under Preference / Control.
  • Enhanced: Import Body Texture in RLHead Import Options, for removing neck seam when importing RLHead.
  • Fixed: All animations in the scene will play at 50% speed, after using 50% Face Puppet Recording at end of project export range.
  • Fixed: Lip-sync animation did not match with the audio source file, after using 50% Face Puppet Recording at end of project export range.
  • Fixed: G3 & G5 Character's eye blinking did not work when left-clicking mouse in Face Puppet.
  • Fixed: Decreased SpeedTree preview render, or experienced export flickering when only using Spotlights in the scene.
  • Fixed: Visual / Shadow / Bias did not work for Spotlight.
  • Fixed: Billboard failed to cast shadow.
  • Fixed: 'Align Actor Motion' and 'Reset Motion Root' did not work. Character jumped back to root after each motion, instead of staying aligned with the previous motion.
  • Fixed: Failed to Collect Clip for a Non-human character: Motion clip saved but the scene character turned into an un-textured G5 character.
  • Fixed: Failed to import RLHead after CC Character loaded materials to Skin_Head, Eye, Cornea.

v6.41 (6.41.2623.1) released on March 1st, 2016

    Several critical bugs fixed.

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  • Fixed: Opening an existing project caused a crash when there were multiple copies of the same characters/props in the scene.
  • Fixed: Any editing caused a crash when there were multiple copies of the same characters/props in the scene.

v6.4 (6.4.2527.1) released on February 1st, 2016

    Major updates and bug fixes for iClone, Character Creator and 3DXchange, and usability improvements.
    *Note: Make sure you have updated all the iClone family programs to the latest version (iClone v6.4, 3DXchange v6.4, Character Creator v1.4) before you launch iClone 6.

Know More  ►

1) iClone

  • Enhanced: Keep Soft Cloth simulation when using Remove Scene Animation.
  • Added: Cancel button for Realtime Smooth.
  • Added: F11 hotkey to show/hide Menu Bar, now can be used in both Edit and Full Screen Mode.
  • Fixed: CC character's legs bend when activating the Remove Scene Animation / Keep Current Frame several times.
  • Fixed: Character disappears when the Path Release Key and Release Transition Key overlap in the Timeline.
  • Fixed: Failed to get content pack information when searching in the Content Manager.
  • Fixed: Applying motion to character, linking character to props and Add MotionPlus to Library from the Timeline / Collect Clip, causes iClone to crash.
  • Fixed: Program crashes when activating the Indigo Render Plugin / Render Settings / Foreground Alpha.
  • Fixed: Program crashes when applying a character with more than 50 perform commands.
  • Fixed: Program crashes when loading certain projects with SoftCloth Physics data.
  • Fixed: Non-human character causes crash when using Remove Scene Animation / Keep Current Frame.
  • Fixed: Failed to Create / Surface, Particle, Billboard contents when the Resource pack is not installed.
  • Fixed: Failed to load 24 bit wave files in Create Script / Audio File.
  • Fixed: Expression data lost when applying embedded content 'Happyness.italk'.
  • Fixed: Breaking viseme clip, then copy & paste multiple lips keys in the end of the clip abnormally increases the viseme clip length.
  • Fixed: Indigo Plug-in no longer renders contents with video as texture.
  • Fixed: Contents with video texture becomes still in exported video. i.e. props, characters, image layers, planes, billboards, and 2D backgrounds.
  • Fixed: Timeline / Motion Layer / Transition Curve / Custom cannot remember previous adjustment
  • Fixed: Timeline / Motion Layer / Transition Curve / Custom cannot show blue curve.

2) Character Creator

  • Added: Ability to direct export character mesh to Obj file if you have purchased 3DXchange 6 PRO / Pipeline.
  • Added: Create Morph Slider from Obj, .iAvatar and current morph.
  • Added: Bake slider function that flattens the morph which is useful in making extreme body proportion. You no longer need to bring character in and out of Character Creator.
  • Added: Ability to key-in numeric value larger than 100 (up to 999) for individual Morph Slider.
  • Added: New file format support: ccSlider & ccCustomSlider which contain character morph data.
  • Added: Ability to delete custom created Morph Slider. Deleted Morph Slider is moved to the Recycling Bin.
  • Added: Ability to refresh Morph Slider. Any changes made to the Morph Slider file in the Windows file explore can be reflected immediately by pressing the refresh icon.
  • Added: Submission tools for developers to easily sell the correct ccSlider and ccProject content.
  • Changed: Importing RLHead from CrazyTalk 8 into Character Creator will keep the original head morph shape.
    - If the Character Creator is closed when you exported RLHead using CrazyTalk 8, it will open up Character Creator with default body morph.
    - If the Character Creator is opened when you exported RLHead, it will directly replace the head mesh with the one from CrazyTalk 8 without altering the body morph.

3) 3DXchange

  • Added: Ability to key in numeric value over +/- 100 for Exterpolated Morph result.
  • Fixed: Failed to export certain Export Licensed Contents to OBJs.
  • Fixed: 3DXchange 6 crashes when activating Adjust Standard Bone for G5 Character FBX file.
  • Fixed: Failed to sent props to iClone after applying more than once.
  • Fixed: Certain Maya HIK FBX files cause program crash when clicking Active in Convert to Non-Standard characterization.

*See the entire Release note of iClone family HERE.

v6.3 (6.3.2422.1) released on December 22nd, 2015

    Major updates and bug fixes for iClone, Character Creator and 3DXchange, including new CrazyTalk 8 (3D Head Creator) format support and usability improvements.
    *Note: Make sure you have updated all the iClone family programs to the latest version (iClone v6.3, 3DXchange v6.3, Character Creator v1.3) before you launch iClone 6.

Know More  ►

1) iClone

  • Added: 'Remove Scene Animation' command with the following options: 'Keep First Frame', 'Keep Last Frame', and 'Keep Current Frame'. Forum Report
  • Added: Button to toggle Show/Hide Play Bar, located at the upper right hand corner of the Timeline window.Forum Report
  • Added: F9 hotkey to show/hide Play Bar, can be used in both Edit and Full Screen Mode.Forum Report
  • Enhanced: Always keep the last value of Bone Edit Mode Setting under “Edit Animation Layer”, works for both human or prop with bone rig.Forum Report
  • Added: Add 'Reset' to Reset Motion for Prop (bone-rigged) & Non-human animation layer under “Edit Animation Layer”.Forum Report
  • Added: Option to hide iClone 3D view message panel. Access this under Preference / Display.Forum Report
  • Added: Global arrow key for frame stepping forward/backward.Forum Report
  • Added: Audio Scrubbing in timeline, useful when editing lip-sync. Go to Preference / Control to toggle this option, or use Ctrl-H hot-key.Forum Report
  • Fixed: Character position change when not on world root and a pose is applied.
  • Fixed: Chest distortion for Mason when exporting and reloading MotionPlus.
  • Fixed: Avatar Toolkit Builder/Controller cannot be used on CC Characters.
  • Fixed: Remove Motion command on Hand does not remove wrist bone animation in the timeline.
  • Fixed: Particle objects do not show as an item in the Scene Manager.
  • Fixed: Double-clicking on on .iProject shows an error when the file name has non-English characters.
  • Fixed: Spectral Cross HDR Glare Type incorrect for certain video card drivers.
  • Fixed: Some perform commands for props do not work properly with CC Characters.
  • Fixed: Motion Align function does not work with CC Characters.
  • Fixed: Soft cloth distortion for G5 characters when scene is paused and playback head is dragged through the timeline.
  • Fixed: Force is lost when Kinematic physics state is switched to Dynamic with the PhysX engine.
  • Fixed: Facial jumps when editing with the Facial Key Editor and other keyframes are in the same track.
  • Fixed: Applying a new motion causes clothing to become detached from the player when pause is pressed while playing another pose or motion.
  • Fixed: CC character clothing distortion appears when loading a terrain in which the ground level is higher and the foot contact option is activated.
  • Fixed: Merge Motion Plus function disabled when loading a CC character.
  • Fixed: Timeline keys not removed when resetting the entire scene.
  • Fixed: Transform gizmo doesn't automatically update when W, E, or R hotkeys are used.
  • Fixed: Cannot find Mini Viewport dialog when program is initialized.

2) 3D Head Creator (CrazyTalk 8 Pipeline)

  • Added: Option to enable launch of CrazyTalk 8 for Head Creation. Forum Report
  • Added: Allow rlHead to load on iClone and Character Creator. Forum Report
  • Added: Save head imported from CrazyTalk 8 and apply them to any CC character. Forum Report
  • Added: Import auto-motion from CrazyTalk 8. Forum Report
  • Added: Import facial editing results from CrazyTalk 8. Forum Report

3) Character Creator

  • Added: Provide DirectX9 graphics mode selection for Character Creator.
  • Fixed: iClone initiation failed when launched from Character Creator if the computer user name includes non-English characters.
  • Fixed: Wireframe button status not updated under certain conditions.
  • Fixed: Minimized iClone window does not revert when iClone is launched from Character Creator.
  • Fixed: Light gizmo remains in 3D view when using the '/' key and when morph items are modified.
  • Fixed: Foot morph data lost when high heel shoes are removed.
  • Fixed: High Dynamic Texture doesn't import to iClone correctly when the Appearance Editor is not unloaded in Character Creator.

4) 3DXchange

  • Fixed: Certain FBX files are not supported and cause a crash of 3DX.
  • Fixed: Modify section hotkey not working correctly.
  • Fixed: CC character teeth and eye mesh not replaced when this option is selected.

v6.21 (6.21.2208.1) released on October 14th, 2015

    Major updates and bugs fixed for iClone, Character Creator and 3DXchange.

Know More  ►

1) iClone

  • Added: Motion Layer track for Foot in the Timeline.
  • Added: Support for the upcoming Kinect Mocap Plug-in.
  • Fixed: Program crashes when press Reset Pivot on a motion clip of CC Character. Forum Report
  • Fixed: iClone Standard version not able to use Edit in 3DXchange function.
  • Fixed: Missing Align function in CC Character. Forum Report
  • Fixed: Use Atmosphere of Special Effects Vol.2 Natural Phenomenon, apply Colorful Sky 01.iAtm and then deleting the Sky causes iClone to crash. Forum Report
  • Fixed: G6 hats cannot be applied directly to G5 and G6 character heads.

2) Character Creator

  • Fixed: Unable to unload Appearance Editor for CC Character hair.
  • Fixed: Tuning of material cannot be seen after export selected object if Appearance Editor is not first unloaded.

3) 3DXchange

  • Added: 'Remove Hidden Mesh' option for fbx and obj export on CC Character.
  • Added: 'Remove Head Opacity' for fbx export on CC Character.
  • Fixed: CC Character transparency issue with certain camera views in Unity.
  • Fixed: CC Character animation improperly converting to Humanoid skeletons in Unity.
  • Fixed: CC Character FBX export morph naming not matched.
  • Fixed: CC Character with high-heeled shoes contain broken foot upon export to FBX.
  • Fixed: CC Character Cloth mesh reset to original after replacing with custom sculpted one. Forum Report
  • Fixed: 3DXchange6 crashes when load a MotionPlus with Facial Animation and included Lip Sync Options track.
  • Fixed: Cannot see the CC Character thumbnail in the file open/save dialog of 3DXchange.
  • Fixed: Make sub prop for an OBJ file in 3DXchange, and then bring into iClone, failed to use physics for the new object. Forum Report / Video
  • View More Details >


v6.2 (6.2.2122.1) released on September 22nd, 2015

    Implanted with Character Creator (CC), the full G6 character creation system for iClone users to generate unlimited 3D avatars. Several bugs fixed.

Know More  ►

1) Added & Enhancement

  • Added: Free copy of Character Creator (CC) for iClone PRO users, a full-featured standalone program for character creation. Know More
  • Added: Allow iCloth application for CC characters, iCloth can be adapted to different body shapes. Know More
  • Added: Conform panel for iCloth, iHair and iShoes conforming on CC characters. Know More
  • Added: Indigo render preset for CC characters. Know More
  • Added: Breast spring ready for CC female Character. Know More
  • Added: New Phoneme-pairing based lipsync mechanism exclusively for CC characters. Know More
  • Added: Brand new Viseme settings for highly accurate lip shapes. Know More
  • Added: Lip-sync Options - Smooth and Strength levels can be modified within a selected range. Know More
  • Added: Apply different Smooth or Strength settings to either Jaw, Lips or Tongue, creating more sophisticated talking behaviors corresponding to moods and personalities. Know More
  • Added: Reduce lip keyframes and auto-generate them for easier and more efficient editing. Know More
  • Added: 2 new CC characters (Christian and Natalie) complete with full sets of clothing, under Actor - 00_CC_Character. Know More

2) Fixed

  • Fixed: Some projects including an image error cannot load into iClone 6.
  • Fixed: Open project crashes when a project including a substance object is present in DX9 graphics mode.
  • Fixed: Super sampling not affected when pressing F10 to preview.
  • Fixed: In the Contnet Manager, using the replace function to update a saved file will not update the timestamp. Forum Report
  • Fixed: Camera linking and unlinking from a character will not work properly.
  • Fixed: Preview camera adding keys under certain conditions.
  • Fixed: Lips snap out of place after recording expressions using the Avatar Controller on Toon Maker 2 characters.
  • Fixed: Using the Motion Puppet tool to animate a character that is linked to an object will cause the character to fly away.
  • Fixed: Editable interface shown for external textures which cannot be edited.
  • Fixed: Duplicating objects with physics constraints will cause the duplicate object to be constrained to world axis instead.
  • Fixed: Cannot preview motion when using Motino Modifier once the motion clip has been recorded via Device Mocap.
  • Fixed: When changing the render state and shadow settings, sub-objects are not changed in the Scene Manager.
  • Fixed: Cannot pick bones directly in the Edit Motion Layer and Reach Target panels.
  • Fixed: Bump/Displacement map option not showing upon right-click and drag into viewport.
  • Fixed: Character moves back to original position when using Direct Puppet to record a motion over an existing clip.
  • Fixed: Using Ctrl-click and drag to duplicate an object will position the object in the wrong location.
  • Fixed: Change the parameter value in the Motion Modifier causes iClone to preview unexpectedly.
  • Fixed: Wind is not cleared once all trees are removed.
  • Fixed: Certain trees cannot be felled.
  • Fixed: Cannot pick a character in 3D view once Facial Features or Detailed Settings are open.
  • Fixed: Failed to change Render State to Bounding for Terrain.
  • Fixed: Saving a costumed iFace and re-loading causes a possible crash.
  • Fixed: Transparent popVideo renders incorrectly in Indigo.


v6.11 (6.11.1809.1) released on June 15th, 2015

    Several critical bugs fixed.

Know More  ►


  • Fixed: Timeline doesn't refresh when a keyframe is added using the Edit Motion Layer tool. Forum Report
  • Fixed: Content Manager now shows .iSubstance files. Forum Report
  • Fixed: 'Hide Navigation Panel' state in the Content window not remembered. Forum Report
  • Fixed: Project name does not appear on title bar and doesn't update when changed. Forum Report
  • Fixed: G6 Bones not showing when selected in 'Edit Motion Layer' settings. Forum Report
  • Fixed: Cannot open crash recovery file. Forum Report
  • Fixed: Additional head rotation attempts in the Edit Motion Layer tool will cause snapping. Forum Report


v6.1 (6.1.1728.1) released May 29th, 2015

    Important stability enhancements and over 130 bugs fixed. Added compatibility for the newly released 3DXchange 6, for better and faster content conversion.

Know More  ►

Note: You may see more details for the major updates by viewing the PDF file. 

1) Added & Enhanced

  • Enhanced: Object transform unit for move, scale and rotate spin button now changed to 0.1 unit.
  • Enhanced: UV offset spin button in the material, adjusting unit now became 0.001.
  • Enhanced: Enhanced loading time and undo/redo performance for scenes with DRM trial content.
  • Enhanced: One-click content verification is now 10x faster.
  • Enhanced: Material picking now supports sub-props.
  • Enhanced: Enlarged non-human character Edit Motion Layer window size and enabled scroll bar when data is too large.
  • Added: Direct launch 3DXchange 6 to edit Character/Props from iClone 6. Manual
  • Added: Direct add Motion/MotionPlus to 3DXchange 6. Manual
  • iClone now supports the new .sbsar file from Substance Designer v5.

2) Fixed

Undo & Redo Related Defects:
  • Fixed: Adjusting chin in Face Key, and Press Reset All to undo. Adjusting chin key, the eye, head orientation and head tilting key being moved unexpectedly.
  • Fixed: Undo/Redo commands didn't work properly for the Sky Tool prop.
  • Fixed: The Sky Tool & Light Tool control panels popped up when initiating the Undo command. Forum Report
  • Fixed: Extra undo commands needed to undo Avatar Proportion adjustment.
  • Fixed: Character with soft cloth, using Motion Puppet and Undo/Redo caused crash.
  • Fixed: In the timeline Effect track, using Cut & Paste and undo/Redo frequently caused crash.
  • Fixed: Loading .png file into Diffuse Channel in Material section, Clicking Undo and Redo, caused Opacity thumbnail icon to be incorrect.
  • Fixed: Dragging .wav file to view and Resetting Whole Scene from menu>Animation, caused program crash.
  • Fixed: Adjusting Collision Shape transform, using Reset and Undo/Redo caused crash.
  • Fixed: Physics collision data not updated when terrain smoothness level was adjusted.
  • Fixed: Loading .spx file into character, and clicking Undo, made character disappear.
  • Fixed: Adjusting the wave strength on water, and pressing Undo, caused the the strength value to not be restored.
  • Fixed: Loading props with Substance, check and uncheck Activate checkbox in Substance section, and using Undo/Redo caused crash.
  • Fixed: Program crashed when using prop puppet to record animations, and then using the Undo command.
  • Fixed: Program crashed when an external texture editor was used to save textures and then the undo was used.
Gizmo & UI Related Defects:
  • Fixed: When using the Ctrl+Q command to show/hide gizmo, it would not immediately update. Forum Report
  • Fixed: Ctrl+Q gizmo toggled with Alt+Mouse Roll caused objects to move up/down.
  • Fixed: Cursor would not appear when previewing or recording with Face Puppet in dual monitor mode.
  • Fixed: The strength value for the wind settings did not update when playing or moving to a different frame. Forum Report
  • Fixed: Thumbnails would not update correctly when dragging a texture to the thumbnail icon of the texture material channel section.
  • Fixed: Using launch external texture to edit texture, when saving texture iClone would not immediately update.
  • Fixed: When clicking Link button, the World/Local setting for Move/Rotate would be disabled.
  • Fixed: Mocap Panel would not automatically close when picking a prop.
  • Fixed: Grid spacing value did not change in Preferences, and not change when different value was entered. Forum Report
  • Fixed: Changing layer order when two image layers were present would cause an extra image layer to unexpectedly appear.
  • Fixed: The Move/Rotate menu item in Edit>Rotate was disabled when closing the Edit Motion Layer dialog, and when the Bone Settings dialog opened.
Character Related Defects:
  • Fixed: Characters with spring effects had effects disabled after using the Avatar Proportion tool. Forum Report
  • Fixed: Two props with the same name attached to different character nodes appeared incorrectly and caused program crash. Forum Report
  • Fixed: G6 character moved after recording Direct Puppet motion several times.
  • Fixed: Some G5 character teeth would not show while talking providing that the Facial Features panel was open.
  • Fixed: Character would move after recording motion using the Motion Puppet tool if a transform keyframe existed in another frame.
  • Fixed: In the Collision Shape panel, checking Show Active Shapes would display an inefficient bound shape and caused a crash when used with the Mr. Pose character.
  • Fixed: Moving G5 Jimmy Toon character at the same time with camera movement would cause crash.
  • Fixed: Character mouth opened unexpectedly when checking the Open Mouth in material and then picking another object and going back to the character.
  • Fixed: Character pose reverted once Proportion was adjusted and character was replaced.
  • Fixed: The proportion result and the scale value of proportion was not matched.
  • Fixed: SPX files from 3DXchange 5 loaded incorrectly. Forum Report / Manual
  • Fixed: Loading an .SPX file and then clicking Hair in the Scene Manager caused crash.
Rendering Related Defects:
  • Fixed: Some spotlight angles would show incorrect shadows.
  • Fixed: Small object shadows appeared incorrectly in a large scene, when using the spotlight. Forum Report
  • Fixed: 3 extra shadows appeared when an object's scale value was over 5000. Forum Report
  • Fixed: Underwater or reflective rendering of semi-transparent textures was incorrect.
Export Related Defects:
  • Fixed: WMV export produced silent audio when audio quality was set to 3,4,5 or 6. Forum Report
  • Fixed: Clicking export button while playing, once export finished, made the program lock, not allowing anymore edits.
  • Fixed: Program crashed when exporting .avi and the codec list 'ffdshow video encoder' was selected.
  • Fixed: Exporting 3D Stereo with Dual Stream format, pressing 'Cancel' and then 'Discard' caused program crash.
  • Fixed: While rendering, pressing Cancel and Save caused program crash for 3D Stereo output.
  • Fixed: When exporting 3D stereo video, the mark in/out range markers did not work.
Indigo Related Defects:
  • Fixed: After using undo and redo, the size of Indigo exports was not restored.
  • Fixed: 3D Block with substance could not use 'Coating - Car Paint' preset to render image in Indigo.
Device Mocap Related Defects:
  • Fixed: Device Mocap unable to do second recording once timeline track was clicked to force-stop recording.
  • Fixed: Device Mocap press Space key (Preview), while program was playing, how shows correct preview.
  • Fixed: Device Mocap panel didn't remember previous settings upon relaunch.
  • Fixed: Link and audio data connection in older projects caused errors.
  • Fixed: Could not input negative values for Texture UV Offset.
  • Fixed: Using the Start Gardening command to plant trees resulted in uniform height instead of conforming to terrain.
  • Fixed: Some height map terrains (Ex. Dicho's Terrain Pack 4) with special image formats (Mono) cannot be loaded in iClone 6. Forum Report
  • Fixed: Toggling physics on/off for terrains in the Scene Manager caused program crash upon playback.
  • Fixed: Using Face Puppet in the second Monitor of a Dual Monitor system did not work correctly.
  • Fixed: In any frame but the first, pressing reset prevented the Preview camera from moving.
  • Fixed: Object rotated unexpectedly when object had rotate transform key and pick a path.
  • Fixed: Unable to edit hair spring keys in the timeline due to the lack of spring track. 
  • Fixed: Camera did not focus on face when J hotkey (face camera) was pressed after picking a head accessory.
  • Fixed: Spring effect was not applied on first auto-play after a motion was applied.
  • Fixed: Pressing Delete while previewing animation in Face Puppet caused program crash.
  • Fixed: In Collision Shape dialog, rename with following character 'space , ; [ ] # = ' saving the ini and loading it back caused crash.

Also around 50 other minor defects were fixed.


v6.03 (6.03.1622.1) released April 29th, 2015

    Kinect Mocap Plug-in is back for iClone 6! New online content search, Indigo Preset 2.0, transform to path, and many other enhancements.

Know More  ►

1) Added & Enhanced

  • Added Device Mocap, supporting Kinect for Windows and Xbox 360 Kinect. Know More / Manual
  • Added online content search in Content Manager - both for Content Store and Marketplace. Forum
  • Allow load more 20K polygon object to do the Physice Cloth simulation.
  • Always runs in high performance mode for nVidia and AMD cards, and for notebooks with Independent GPU.
Indigo Plug-in
  • Enhanced color selection, use color picking instead of RGB sliders. Forum
  • Added Foreground Alpha option under Tracing Method for users to save transparent PNG output. Forum / Manual
  • Added 'Phong - NK Data' preset. Forum / Manual
  • Added V.2 Specular preset settings: Transparent, Arch Glass and Single Face settings. Manual
  • Added V.2 Specular Preset: added gain value to adjust color tint level, pass diffuse color to Medium Absorption for crystal clear color tint. Forum / Manual
  • Added V.2 Glossy Transparent Preset: added gain value to adjust color strength, pass diffuse color to Medium Absorption. Manual
  • Added embed .igm/.pigm function for better content portability and easier project sharing. Manual
  • Added Indigo Plug-in online manual.

2) Fixed

  • Resumed Convert Transformation Keys to Path for smoother path-constraint animation control. Manual 1 / Manual 2
Motion & Object Setting Related Defects:
  • Fixed: When using Motion Puppet to record a motion clip, if the clip length reaches to the next clip, motion would not record.
  • Fixed: Character constraint to a path, it moved up while using Direct Puppet.
  • Fixed: When character Transform track contains a keyframe, the character will move if the last frame has a Direct Puppet recording.
  • Fixed: Convert Position to Path does not work.
  • Fixed: Transform gizmos disappear when editing path control points.
  • Fixed: Character Collision Shape saved as .ini Profile doesn't work correctly.
  • Fixed: Pinned soft cloth points will not fall down once pin has been removed.
  • Fixed: Sub-props attached to a larger prop will not be hidden in the Scene manager when converted to Terrain.
Render Related Defects:
  • Fixed: Water does not render the reflection for SpeedTree objects.
  • Fixed: When a 3D scene is applied and water is in the scene, adding a SpeedTree will cause the terrain reflection on the water to disappear.
  • Fixed: Mini Viewport opened would cause tree disappearance in Indigo rendering.
  • Fixed: Certain LOD preference levels will cause billboards to disappear in Indigo renders.
  • Fixed: Cancelling 3D stereo video rendering will show export as successful, but only the audio will export successfully.
  • Fixed: Pixel aspect ratio of video export not correct when exporting 3D stereo video.
Settings Defects:
  • Fixed: Final Render setting will disable LOD settings, but the checkbox will still be selected in the Preference menu.
  • Fixed: Input any value for Post Effect Parameter and the value will revert to 0.
  • Fixed: In Particle Key, click another key and the value of the previous key will be lost.
  • Fixed: Quality of render settings in the Preference menu will not be maintained upon application re-launch.
Other Defects:
  • Fixed: Right mouse dragging a .jpg to generate an image plane will bring up an error message but still generate the plane.
  • Fixed: When a sub-prop is converted to terrain, disabling the bounding mesh will not affect the sub-prop.
  • Fixed: When dragging a physics constraint object into a billboard, the program will crash.
  • Fixed: Perform menu items for iClone 5 character Jimmy Toon will cause an error message.
  • Fixed: Adjusting the right arm proportion of non-standard character Pocket Pet Foxy will cause program crash.
  • Fixed: Fixed GUI defects in Large Font system (4K Monitor with 200% font size).
  • Fixed: Find Relevant not working correctly.

v6.02 (6.02.1409.1) released February 10th, 2015

    Added DirectX9 support for low-end graphic cards or slow performing notebooks.

Know More  ►

1) Added:

  • Added iClone DirectX 9 Version for earlier graphic cards.
  • Added Graphic Mode Selection for DirectX 9/DirectX 11 switching.
  • Added Installation & Performance Guide while first launch iClone.

2) Fixed:

  • Fixed: Non-standard character with spring settings, exporting & reloading Motionplus causes possible crash.
  • Fixed: Remove Motion in Timeline sometimes changes the original motion.
  • Fixed: Value change not updated in Physics & Particle Settings unless Enter is pressed.
  • Fixed: Export Range not updated correctly when Total Frame value from Project Settings is changed.
  • Fixed: Cursor not updated correctly while picking a Target in Physics Constraints.
  • Fixed: The Finger Mirror function is disabled in Avatar Proportion while loading a non-standard character after loading a standard one.
  • Fixed: The Hide camera shows while pressing undo and project playing.
  • Fixed: Copy function failed while holding Ctrl key and dragging a motion clip in the Timeline.
  • Fixed: Replacing a standard character causes a possible crash once an object is linked to a non-standard character.
  • Fixed: Possible crash while G6 character has replaced a G5 character and user double-clicks on the Timeline.
  • Fixed: Timeline Switcher track doesn't update once cameras are renamed.
  • Fixed: Delete Frame in Timeline is sometimes disabled.
  • Fixed: Breaking clips while they are overlapped caused a crash.
  • Fixed: The Right/Left Arrow key for moving the playhead doesn't work when Timeline is open.
  • Fixed: Character motion removed unexpectedly when using Create Face, Facial Features, and Collision Shape tools.
  • Fixed: The Look at function sometimes fails to Set Free.
  • Fixed: Drag a material from the library to Speedtree causes a possible crash.
  • Fixed: Slider Constraint rotate value set to -X causes possible crash.
  • Fixed: Recurrent crash while using the Undo/Redo behavior on a Soft Cloth object.
  • Fixed: Glare Type of HDR, Vertical Flare and Horizontal Flare was converse.
  • Fixed: The Spring and Physics effect exhibit shaking when exporting to Indigo in certain conditions.
  • Fixed: Exporting IGQ from the Indigo plug-in causes a crash in some Windows 8.1 environments.
  • Fixed: Frame size not synced between Indigo and Current Project Settings, while the export format switches from video to Image Sequence.
  • Fixed: Hard to select lower eyelid in facial features under Large Font size mode.
  • Fixed: In iClone traditional transform gizmo mode, mouse scroll behavior is incorrectly.
  • Fixed: Holding the CTRL key while rotating/scaling an object didn't duplicate correctly.
  • Fixed: Anisotropic Filtering in the Preference settings not remembered.
  • Fixed: Tone Mapping for Indigo Render Settings, default value changed to unchecked.
  • Fixed: Resizing the Infinite Plane caused program to crash.
  • Fixed: Some of the content downloads showed Network error (error code 202).
  • Fixed: Frame rate disabled unexpectedly while rendering AVI .

3) Content Update:

  • G6 Character: Enhanced the skin quality for Indigo rendering.
  • Default Project: Default.iProject enhanced shape smoothing on some objects for Indigo rendering.
  • 3D Blocks (Substance): Enhanced the texture quality.

v6.01 (6.01.1312.1) released January 12th, 2015

    iClone 6 Standard release feature major improvements for stability, ease of use, missing iClone 5 features, and many bug fixes.

Know More  ►

1) Added:

  • 'Non-DRM Content' folder under 'Not Installed' folder for early content pack in Pack Template of Content Manager.
  • Accurate function for transforming by holding down the shift key while using traditional iClone gizmo (Ctrl+Q).
  • iClone 6 Standard official released.
  • 'Reset' function for Edit Motion Layer in non-human character.
  • 'Ctrl + K' hotkey for Duplicate function.
  • Additional Indigo parameters in Indigo Settings:
    • Tone Mapping
    • Align Indigo light to iClone light
    • Supersampling Factor
  • Added Global settings for Facial Expression & Viseme Strength.
  • Added world/local switch for physics initial force.

2) Enhanced:

  • Insert Frame performance in timeline editing.
  • Update the default Grid color in preference settings.
  • Interface Visual Enhancement:
    • Fixed some visual defects for small font interface.
    • Reduced color saturation in toolbar divider for gray color theme.
  • Content Enhancement: Optimized default values for following content:
    • Sky tool props
    • Tessellation template props
    • Flag Props in Softcloth

3) Fixed:

  • Fixed: Some early content cannot be loaded into iClone 6.
  • Fixed: Content pack view miss displaced because of pack name using special character (e.g. Machines of War using '/').
  • Fixed: Content Manager input string in Search box and the item's tips displayed Content ID in Pack Template.
  • Fixed: Pack View shows .ink file extension name on content items in Content Manager.
  • Fixed: Warning message for removing animation when opening the Proportion edit tool even for characters without animation.
  • Fixed: Break viseme clip caused possible crash.
  • Fixed: Modifier button not disabled when motion clip is not selected.
  • Fixed some behavior defects for all spin buttons:
    • Fixed: Value not updated correctly
    • Fixed: Input incorrect value in textbox, doesn't auto-convert to correct
    • Fixed: Values now max out at 360 (e.g. value 360, press up spin button became 1)
  • Fixed: Constraint button not disabled when parent constraint is cancelled.
  • Fixed: Dragging a .sbsar file from Explorer to 3D view does not successfully add Substance material.
  • Fixed: Cutting and pasting a video clip adds key to the timeline.
  • Fixed: Frame rate disabled in some condition when exporting image sequences.
  • Fixed: When changing voice clip speed, wave view was not updating correctly.
  • Fixed: Switching from world to local in transform movement didn't work in Edit Path mode.
  • Fixed: When exiting planting mode for tree or grasses, mouse cursor didn't update properly.
  • Fixed: Creating a Script from the Menu and choosing a .wav format caused crashes in certain environments.
  • Fixed: Mirror function didn't work correctly in Facial Feature Detail Settings.
  • Fixed: Voice and lips not synced when using 50% speed recording in Face Puppet.
  • Fixed: Switching the Bound Axis caused possible crash when adjusting character collision shape.
  • Fixed: Value back to default when adjusting Diagonal parameter for a particle object once play and stop.
  • Fixed: Possible crash while selecting outer control point for Right/Left Face in Facial Feature Detail Settings, with Mirror option checked.
  • Fixed: Substance texture size stays at 1024x1024 after being baked.
  • Fixed: Indigo rendering for some basic shapes (e.g. Cylinder) causes visual defects.
  • Fixed: Substance objects would occasionally disappear when rendering with Indigo.
  • Fixed: Indigo rendering failed when rendering an .igq file for the first time.

v6.0 (6.0.1218.1) released December 18th. 2014

    Incorporated leading technologies such as Nvidia PhysX, SpeedTree, Allegorithmic Substance, Indigo RT. Along with improved flexible UI design and innovative seamless G6 characters.


More Version History in Previous Versions >

v5.51 (v5.51.3507.1) released 15th November-13

  • Added: Compatible with Avatar Toolkit2 Series (eg. Monster Workshop I Repack / Toon Maker).
  • Fixed: Reduced random crashes in the 64 bit version when using Motion Puppet & Timeline Editing.
  • Fixed: Importing characters caused crashes after plugging/unplugging the earphone jack.
  • Updated: Update Height Map Terrain in .iScene files, to make them compatible with the updated iTerrain from 5.5.

v5.5 (v5.5.3207.1) released 8th August-13

  • Added: 64 bit version of iClone officially released.
  • Added: Added .wmv(VC-1) and .mp4(H.264) output to 64 bit version.
  • Added: Added iMotionPlus format (Contains Motion, Facial Animation, Visible, Spring and Sound).
  • Added: Added Bake Constraint key (Including Path, Reach, Link, Contact and Look at).
  • Added: Added Translate (Stretch) Bone option to Motion Layer Editing.
  • Added: Now able to edit Height Map Terrain including Height Map layouts and textures.
  • Added: Added the Level-of-detail Options for Height Map Terrain in Real-time Playback & Editing.
  • Enhanced: Height Map Terrain Physics; added Collision Margin, Friction and Elasticity.
  • Enhanced: Facial Creation Tools Enhanced:
    . Control points for facial fitting optimized.
    . Viseme visual quality enhanced.
    . Added animated tongue.
    . Updated interface for side-facial fitting. 
  • Fixed: Lipsync lost frames during playback if the audio length was over 60 seconds.
  • Fixed: Added back Spring Effect for Gwynn character.
  • Fixed: Fixed the lip keys to show 'None' when loading old iClone4 data.
  • Fixed: Fixed inability to adjust the transition length for Reach/Spring Key.
  • Fixed: Fixed Insert Frame in project track did not affect the Animation Layer track.
  • Fixed: Fixed iClone4 project tendency to use embedded textures as external textures, resulting in inability to find textures in iClone 5.
  • Fixed: Fixed sequence image output failed in some special environments caused by hard disk space misjudgment.
  • Fixed: Fixed Human-IK editing issues in iClone Standard Version.

v5.41 (v5.41.2802.1) released 2nd April-13

  • Fixed: Characters composed before iClone5.4 with a G4 Head that saved from iClone4 and a G5 body, caused crashes when using the Facial Animation features: Import Voice, CTS, CLP, and Text to Speech.
  • Fixed: Lip keys in Timeline / Viseme could not be moved / deleted after stretching the Motion clip length.
  • Fixed: Once Standard Character's head reached the sides or bottom of the viewport, the hair disappeared.
  • Fixed: Adjusted Standard Character's teeth, caused mesh disfiguration.
  • Fixed: Head produced by Creat Face / Load Image caused a crash when using the Face Key.
  • Fixed: Double clicking in the Timeline / Facial Layer to pop up the Face Key, selecting any part and setting the key, clicking on Reset, and then closing the Face Key. Repeat this procedure, it would cause crash.

v5.4 (v5.4.2706.1) released 11th March-13

  • Added: Full Facial Animation for Non-standard Characters that have already had facial mapping done in 3DXchaneg5.4; facial animation for Non-Standard Characters including:
    - Lip-sync
    - Facial Puppet
    - Face Key Editing
    - Auto-Blink
    - Look-at function
  • Added: Allow users to set ON/OFF key for spring effects in the Timeline, including Character and Props.
  • Added: Separate spring effect settings with different spring groups (User may use 3DXchange5.4 to define group).
  • Added: Added Viseme Strength slider for adjusting entire lip clips in the Timeline.
  • Added: Motion Modify function to Increase Motion Varieties & Posture.
  • Added: Bone display for skin-bone props/accessories and character during Motion Layer editing.
  • Added: Provided Bone Preview Settings, which allow users to adjust bone sizes, colors and opacity.
  • Added: Allow skin-bone props/accessories to edit Animation Layer including FK / IK editing.
  • Added: Compatible with Windows 8.
  • Enhanced: Provided more auto-blink types (ex: Speechless, Charming, Child…)
  • Enhanced: Updated G5 character Chuck & Gwynn with better lip-syncs, and add-on tongue.
  • Enhanced: Allow Expand / Collapse for all bone structure trees inside Edit Motion Layer. Also provide a quick way to show / hide hierarchy trees by pressing Ctrl + plus mouse click on sub tree.
  • Enhanced: Once the timeline “Object Related Track” is pressed, clicking the timeline track will automatically stop the mode to prevent the editing view from being cleared by clicking on other tracks.
  • Enhanced: Auto select current object in the Timeline track when “Object Related Track” is affected. User may press Ctrl + plus clicking object to add track into Timeline.
  • Enhanced: Added Close button on timeline main track for easy operation.
  • Enhanced: Allow extended bone editing for Non-standard characters (ex: Cat’s ears and tail); user may use 3DXchange5.4 for extended bone definition. . Fixed: Corrected left/right naming from user’s view to character’s view inside Puppeteering Panel.

v5.32 (v5.32.2309.1) released 9th November-12

  • Fixed: Could not apply hair to G3 Character in iClone 5.31.
  • Fixed: Physics Soft-Body caused crashes when using the Play button.

v5.31 (v5.31.2215.1) released 16th October-12

  • Fixed: Facial animation was not working when applying an 'Expression Style'.
  • Fixed: Could not load .clp created with CrazyTalk6.
  • Fixed: Jimmy Toon activate Perform command caused a crash.
  • Fixed: Object attached to a physics object and then merged and played, caused program crash.
  • Fixed: Some characters from the Avatar Builder could not change heads in iClone5.
  • Added: Compatible with morph-based head characters (eg. Monster Workshop I).

v5.3 (v5.3.2103.1) released 6th September-12

Microsoft Kinect for Windows Mocap Device:
  • Added: “Near mode” and “Head rotation” options.
  • Enhanced: Update Kinect for Windows driver from v1.0 to v1.5 (Ref: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj160161)
    - Enhanced performance
    - Better skeleton tracking
  • Fixed: Some operations may cause program crash.


  • Added: iClone Message Panel, providing additional warning or error messages for iClone, plugin, and LUA script operations.
  • Added: “Bake Constraint Key” option in the modify panel of the Animation – Motion area. Now users can bake Look At / Link / Path Constraint / Reach Keys to iMotion clip, and for further FBX/BVH motion export through 3DXchange Pipeline.
  • Enhanced: Support for morph-based facial animation in iClone5. The new head system is now compatible with lipsync animation and facial puppeteering.
    - To utilize the unique facial expressions tools, you will need to have the new Monster Character Pack which is specially designed with a morph-based head system.
    - Reallusion will add the morph-based head import functionality in the next 3DXChange release.
  • Enhanced: Separated the 'Material & Texture Settings' into 3 sections. It's now easier to fold/unfold material settings, which allows for quicker material picking and adjustment without the need to constantly scroll up and down the modify panel.
  • Enhanced: When applying accessories to a target bone location, the accessory will retain the correct orientation, regardless of the bone naming difference between character generations. This also works for 3DXchange5 imported Non-Standard Characters.
  • Fixed: For a skinned prop rigged to several sub-nodes, you can now attach each node to a different character bone, and correctly display the skin-bone rigged result. You can save it together with a character, or delete the skinned prop without error.
    - Product Name: Vatican Feel

v5.23 (v5.23.1913.1) released 16th July-12

  • Fixed: Lip-syncing results were not correct; they would sometimes exaggerate expressions.

v5.22 (v5.22.1820.1) released 20th June-12

  • Fixed: Thumbnails disappeared when using the Uploader with data saved in iClone5 64Bit version.
  • Fixed: Using characters converted in 3DX5, would sometimes make the Motion Layer editing crash.
  • Fixed: Motion captured demo project (Gorf Project) would not load in iClone.
  • Fixed: Dragging an image to a path would cause iClone to crash.

v5.21 (v5.21.1627.1) released 27th April-12

  • Fixed: Popup message 'Raise Left Cheek' crashing under some special conditions.
  • Fixed: Could not reload projects containing particle effects.
  • Fixed: 'Terms Of Endearment' & 'Argument's Motion pack' content packs were not working properly.
  • Fixed: Device Mocap was not working in 64Bit OS.

v5.2 (v5.2.1618.1) released 18th April-12

  • Added: Add 64bit beta version for 64bit OS.
    Notice: In this version, Export>Video now only provides .avi format output
  • Added: Allow edit character in 3DXchange5 by clicking 'Edit in 3DXchange'.
  • Added: Allow add motion to 3DXchange5 by right mouse click 'Collect Clip' track.
  • Enhanced: Content update – Character>Chuck
  • Fixed: Stereo output grass was flashing after changing wind strength setting on grass.
  • Fixed: Break clip on timeline cause iClone hanging in some condition.
  • Fixed: Character shift moved when character link to prop and play the second motion clip.
  • Added: Left and Right Hands option inside the Remove Motion clip category in the Timeline.

v5.13 (v5.13.1523.1) released 23rd March-12

  • Added: 'Reset Scale' to prevent non-uniform scale objects distorting out of shape under some conditions.
    (ex: wheel object on Physics Toolbox)
  • Added: Enable 'Set as Dummy' while multi-object selected.
  • Added: Y and Z rotation for Physics-Spring constraint.
  • Enhanced: Allow 'Preview Render' to render Dummy Object, Grid and Axial.
  • Fixed: Cannot add action command when Rigid body simulation is turned off.
  • Fixed: Timeline does not auto extend while adding track.
  • Fixed: Hair Scale gizmo axial.

v5.12 (v5.12.1410.1) released 13th February-12

  • Device Mocap (Kinect for Windows): Formal release of Device Mocap MS version for Microsoft Kinect SDK.
  • Added: 'Remove Script' function for Projects, iProps, and Characters.
  • Added: Prop with LUA Script now appears with blue text in Scene Manager.
  • Fixed: Some iProp with AML script convert to non-human in 3DXchange4, producing incorrect motion in iClone5.
  • Fixed: Issue with opening Facial Puppet Panel.
  • Fixed: Cannot activate physics for props which are converted from a terrain component.

v5.11 (v5.11.1320.1) released 20th January-12

  • Fixed: Fixed changing body part failure in G3 character.

v5.1 (v5.1.1317.1) released 18th January-12

Device Mocap:
  • Provide 'Microsoft Kinect SDK' Beta2 version.
    - Enhanced: Better skeleton recognition, and more stable skeleton signal.
    - Added: Wrist Animation.
    - Added: Head Animation (Tilting).
    - Added: Floor Auto Detection.
  • Added: Mirror Function in Mocap control panel.
  • Added: Provide Smoother to reduce noise while capturing.
  • Added: Floor Calibration to get better foot to floor relation.
  • Added: 'Body Command' function to control Preview, Record and Stop commands.

Physics Enhancement:

  • Added: Multi – Constraint.
  • Added: Constraint Stability Setting.
  • Added: Hinge Constraint.
  • Added: Slider Constraint.
  • Added: Point to Point Constraint.
  • Added: Generic Constraint.
  • Added: Rope Constraint.
  • Added: Cone Twist Constraint.
  • Added: Spring Constraint.
  • Added: Make it keyable for Rigidbody 4 state type.


  • Added: Right click to switch Direct Puppet and Motion Layer pin state.
  • Added: Parent & Local option for Gizmo Rotation.
  • Added: Press hotkey W, E, allows looping switch World (Parent) & Local.
  • Added: Direct Puppet - Add mirror function.
  • Added: Added tab hotkey to switch to start and end of each clip in the clip track in Timeline.
  • Enhanced: Enhanced scene manager performance.
  • Enhanced: Dragging Left-Right palm in Motion layer would spread open and close palm.
  • Enhanced: Simplified Trial registration flow on Trial version.
  • Fixed: Side face image not obvious while creating a face.
  • Fixed: Motion Layer - Mirror function not work properly while the character is rotating.
  • Fixed: Fixed deformed lag issue after save and reload of some G2 Characters.
  • Fixed: Fixed set follow cam to current view and switch camera causes project load failure.
  • Fixed: Fixed some object transform value convert failures caused them to appear upside down or disordered.
  • Fixed: Fixed system task bar set to left or right causing iClone window to be cropped when maximizing window.
  • Fixed: Fixed particle effect always on the front when Toon or Ambient Occlusion effect set to On.
  • Fixed: Fixed some character loading failure in 'Female SuperHeroes' pack.
  • Fixed: Fixed 'Align Actor Motion' occasional movement error.

v5.02 (v5.02.1121.2) released 22nd November-11

  • Added: Device Mocap – Added “Knee Rotation Constraint” option to avoid foot flipping.
  • Fixed: Device Mocap – Fixed incorrect head and shoulder movement.
  • Added: Option to add motion curve on the first level of the motion layer key.
  • Fixed: Inability to download content from Reallusion City under certain conditions.
  • Fixed: Cannot reload the avatar after the teeth are modified.
  • Enhanced: Updated “Wo” lips map for better lip-syncing.
  • Enhanced: Updated facial creation data to enhance the facial quality.

v5.01 (v5.01.1005.1) released 6th October-11

  • Fixed: G1, G2 Character compatibility Issues
    - G2 Character: Elbow twist issue
    - G1, G2 Characters incline issue
  • Fixed: Some large mesh-based terrain would cause a crash when loaded in iClone5.
  • Fixed: Pressing Undo while using Direct Puppet could cause program crash.
  • Fixed: Throat Brightness Adjustment not working.
  • Fixed: Crash when exporting JPEG or PNG Image sequence using AO and Super-sampling.
  • Fixed: Some G1 Characters would not load in iClone5.
  • Fixed: Device Mocap Mask not working correctly.
  • Fixed: Hundred Years' War Content Pack: Cavalry couldn’t use operate command in iClone5.
  • Fixed: Cannot not load “M_Santa Claus” character from Christmas Collection Pack
  • Fixed: Height Terrain without detail map lighting incorrect.
  • Enhanced: G5 Gwynn, fixed shoulder balance issue.
  • Enhanced: Puppet motion profiles updated.
  • Enhancement: Right-click remove all animation, link keys in the 1st frame remain.
  • Enhanced: Updated default idle for actor without previous persona assignment.
  • Enhanced: User interface. Minor update in Mixmoves dialog and Motion Puppet dialog.
  • Added: Universal Sky to Sky template.

v5.00 (5.0.0922.1) released 23th September-11

v4.31 (4.31.2517.1) released 20th January-11

  • Fixed: Memory leak issue in 3D view.
  • Fixed: Camera keys will now be removed from the respective timeline track after clicking on 'Remove All Animation'.
  • Fixed: The 'Look At' keys which were previously not appearing on the light track.
  • Fixed: Loading issue with certain objects.
  • Enhanced: Content purchase entrance now moved from Backstage application to Reallusion City Marketplace.
  • Added: 'Update' button for verifying purchased DRM content within the current project.

v4.3 (4.3.1929.1) released 12th August-10

  • Added: 'Above/Below' and 'DualStream' formats for 3D Stereo Vision output.
  • Enhanced: Enhanced G4 UV mesh that avoids visual defects on both ears during face creation.
  • Enhanced: DRM content purchase behavior for multiple DRM ID content.
  • Enhanced: Update embedded content: Trey, Benny motion and Particle project.
  • Fixed: Some props included empty UV Maps that caused textures not to show in iClone.
  • Fixed: Clicking 'Reset All' in Facial Features, caused abnormal eye motion.
  • Fixed: Some props with looped UV animation clips, caused AP to crash.
  • Fixed: Hard disk space estimation incorrect. Now able to save 4GB file in FAT Hard disk.
  • Fixed: Maximizing iClone left a space on the right if the taskbar was placed on the left side.
  • Fixed: Corrected bump map direction.
  • Fixed: AML with space in the tag caused the 'Terms of Endearment' content pack to not work properly.

v4.2 (4.2.1718.1) released 27th May-10

  • Added: 3D Stereo Vision in 'Anaglyph (Red/Cyan)' and 'Side by Side' formats for both Image and Video output.
  • Added: Allow scaling of entire Non-Human Character body.
  • Added: .popVideo file format in popVideo Output.
  • Added: Export function- alpha channel video in Video output.
  • Added: 'Normal Map' item in Right-mouse list for texture dragging into 3D window.
  • Added: DRM protection for iGlove, iHand and iFace.
  • Enhanced: Able to set free size and adjust frame rate, video and audio quality in WMV output.
  • Enhanced: Able to show Codec Info in Video Settings.
  • Enhanced: Able to open current content folder via the Find File function in the Content Manager toolbar.
  • Enhanced: Select function with two behaviors: drag-select from left to right- just touch object to pick all object(s); drag-select from right to left - select all object(s) to pick.
  • Enhanced: Loading efficiency enhancement by changing Benny, Dylan, Jana Persona to basic.
  • Fixed: Bounding box on sub-object selection was sometimes blocked.
  • Fixed: Lock to ratio and lock all channels did not work in new dragging texture.
  • Fixed: Corrected normal map direction.
  • Fixed: Blend function in Create face did not work properly.
  • Fixed: RM output format with DVD NTSC size which caused the AP to crash.
  • Fixed: After adding the move command and Collect Motion, it caused the AP to crash when changing the sound clip speed.
  • Fixed: Coud not load object with UV node when UV data was empty (Props Pack Bugs, Bears pack, Singing Birds...).
  • Fixed: Tank track was always moving and could not be stopped.
  • Fixed: Could not load some characters because of the buffer overflow (US Navy F-14 Aviator pack).
  • Fixed: Updated embedded character (Benny, Dylan and Trey) failed during Mesh replacement in 3DXchange4.

v4.12 (4.12.1313.1) released 14 January-10

  • Fixed: Some iProp animation cannot be removed when clicking the “Reset” button.
  • Fixed: Fail to remove the video when a project has lost its video file link.
  • Fixed: iClone3 avatars with a particle attached cannot be loaded.
  • Fixed: The color of the prop would also be changed when adjusting the skin color of a non-human character with the prop attached.
  • Fixed: A project containing the object with incorrect AML data cannot be loaded.

v4.11 (4.11.1218.1) released 21 December-09

  • Fixed: Bug that caused low quality when break 8 bit audio clip
  • Fixed: Failure to produce HTML page in Flash output when checked “Produce HTML Page”.
  • Fixed: Failure to download content from Backstage while UAC (User Account Control) was activated under Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  • Fixed: Loading error of iClone2 Projects which caused loss of 'Tree', 'Grass', 'CTS', 'SoundFX' and 'Music' in certain condition.
  • Fixed: Bug that caused “Smooth” tool in “Adjust the facial texture” panel that crashed iClone
  • Fixed: Bug that caused Failure to load .iScene with numerous Trees.
  • Fixed: Bug that caused DRM contents failing to be recognized.

v4.1 (4.1.1125.1) released 26 Novenmber-09

  • Added: Context menu to load image or video files as plane, image layer, billboard or background when using the right mouse button to drag & drop image or video files into the program.
  • Added: 'Drag & Drag Automatic External Files' option in Preferences to always load files as external sources when using drag & drop from windows.
  • Added: The audio volume of a video is now keyable and can be used to create fade in and fade out effects using the timeline track.
  • Added: Option to 'Replace' a video texture from 'Set > Video'.
  • Added: Option to 'Lock ratio' when manually adjusting the resolution on the export pages.
  • Added: Embedded characters now have footstep sounds.
  • Enhanced: DRM content that has already been verified will work even when the file path is changed.
  • Enhanced: Stability of the 1-Click Content Verification function.
  • Enhanced: Capability to Drag & Drop .vns files into iClone.
  • Enhanced: Hand quality of embedded characters.
  • Fixed: Drag & Drop would not work when UAC was set to 'on' under Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • Fixed: IK would not work with non-human characters sometimes.
  • Fixed: Changing a character's display method to 'Bounding Mesh' using the right-click menu would cause the program to crash.
  • Fixed: The '2-Sided' check box in the 'Adjust the Facial Texture' menu would not work.
  • Fixed: Moving along a path would not work properly if the path was projected to the terrain.
  • Fixed: McAfee anti-virus would cause avatars to load very slowly.
  • Fixed: An obvious line would appear between a character's head and neck when a new face is created or the face was changed.

v4.02 (4.02.1029.1) released 3 Novenmber-09

  • Added: 1-Click Content Verification to verify all your DRM protected content in a single go. See more detail illustration.
  • Added: Option to use the face cam with non-standard characters.
  • Enhanced: Fine-tuned G1, G2, G3 facial skins to improve facial animation.
  • Fixed: Some G1/G2 characters had abnormal teeth and/or mouth behavior.
  • Fixed: Some G1/G2 characters could not be loaded.
  • Fixed: Some G1/G2 characters could not use IK.
  • Fixed: iClone3 projects which contained one or more props with merged particles could not be loaded.
  • Fixed: iClone3 projects which contained characters with particles would crash when replacing those characters.
  • Fixed: iClone3 props with UV animation (i.e. Stage Magician Pack) would not load correctly.
  • Fixed: Props that use AML scripts would cause the program to crash when the AML script's 'PosHelper' value was empty.
  • Fixed: Removing a character's hair, then undoing/redoing that action, and then re-adjusting the hair would cause the program to crash.
  • Fixed: Replacing a character would cause IK/FK to become unusable.
  • Fixed: The description for the Material > 'Effect All Materials' option was changed to 'Affect All Materials' and is now colored in blue to indicate keyability.
  • Fixed: The description for Head > Eyes > 'Pupils' was changed to 'Irises'
  • Fixed: The dialog title for the 'Add to Library' feature on the Collect Clip track of props was corrected.

v4.01 (4.01.1012.1) released 12 October-09

  • Fixed: Some characters from BackSage (or saved in iClone3) cannot be loaded into iClone4.
  • Fixed: Some motions from BackStage cannot be loaded into iClone4.

v4 (4.0.1002.1) released 02 October-09

  • Added: Drag and drop editing from files on your computer or external hard drive.
  • Added: Directly turn image or video files into 3D objects.
  • Added: Gizmo manipulation with 3D Viewer.
  • Added: Ability to direct your actor or prop with accessory hot key menu in the Director Mode.
  • Added: Dockable and collapsible Timeline Editor.
  • Added: Supports video files (AVI, WMV, MOV, FLV, etc.) in any texture channel. 
  • Added: Video layering for foreground, background, titling and SFX.
  • Added: Turn video with alpha channel into popVideo for iClone.
  • Added: Place video on any surface of 3D objects for 3D video SFX.
  • Added: HDR (High Dynamic Range) effects.
  • Added: IBL (Image Based Lighting) effects.
  • Added: Motion Path with speed, orientation and editing control.
  • Added: Transition curve for more natural object movement.
  • Added: Smoother camera motion for better camera movement.
  • Added: Full hand gestures with fast motion editing.
  • Added: Motion reverse.
  • Added: Facial puppeteering – Use your mouse to select and direct the facial features of your actor as you play back in real-time.
  • Added: Decrease file size by using external textures and sharing textures for multiple objects.
  • Added: Eyedropper and paint bucket for quick texture editing.
  • Added: Adjust UV map with rotate, mirror, and invert.
  • Added: Blend textures with different modes: multiply, addition, overlay.
  • Added: New characters with G4 head system optimized for advanced facial animation.
  • Added: Character base for stylized cartoon animation - Jimmy-Toon.
  • Added: New persona motion files for daily movements and dialog.
  • Added: Be able to import facial texture files from Poser and Second Life.
  • Added: Add new behaviors to avatar by attaching new props: wings to add fly mode, glove to add boxing mode.
  • Added: Be able to edit and animate 3D creatures other than human.
  • Added: Allow set pivot for any object to create rolling wheels, doors and other smart props.
  • Added: Dummy mode - set prop or accessory as dummy for easier manipulation.
  • Added: Create head with bone level morphing.
  • Added: AML human centric - actor is able to perform specific motions by accessing different AML accessories.
  • Added: Individual sound track for characters, props, etc.
  • Added: Detailed hand management, with ability to save gesture clips.
  • Added: Accept UV face map from 3rd-party model in enhanced G4 head bone system.
  • Added: New type of 'Gloves' for character style setting.
  • Added: Eyelashes available in new G4 head.
  • Enhanced: Enhanced shadow map for flexible shading effects.
  • Enhanced: Particle softness and orientation for realistic SFX.
  • Enhanced: Realistic water animation with video normal map.
  • Enhanced: Smooth blending between water and land with edge softness.
  • Enhanced: Rotation-driven spring animation for naturally moving hair and skirts.
  • Enhanced: Enhanced G4 head system with facial bone level morphing and key editing.
  • Enhanced: Enhanced facial tracks in Timeline for keyframe or motion clip management.
  • Enhanced: Enhanced Scene Manager with freeze function.
  • Enhanced: Able to see trees or grass in Quick Shader.
  • Enhanced: Quick Access function for Modify panel and right-click menu with scroll bar for flexible search.
  • Enhanced: Highlighted texts in Modify panel allow key animation setting.
  • Enhanced: Quick switch between Director and Editor mode
  • Enhanced: Ability to customize file thumbnail.
  • Enhanced: Collapsible Timeline editor with track grouping and show/hide function.
  • Enhanced: Ability to do key animation of image layer and multiple layering.
  • Enhanced: Atmosphere and sky tracks enhancement.
  • Enhanced: Flexibility to adjust shadow quality by adjusting map resolution range.

v3.2C (3.2.1526.1) released 26 March-09

  • Fixed: Crashing issue occurs when the grass just added into the Scene Manager is picked as the project is playing back.
  • Fixed: The left and right facial mappings are opposite between iClone and CrazyTalk.
  • Fixed: In Director Mode, iClone crashes when Ctrl +Click an iProp with no Move Command embedded.
  • Fixed: Animated Texture effect is rendered incorrectly in the Quick Shader Mode.
    (E.g. The talking bubble in the Language Learning project)
  • Fixed: The blending part of a clip in the timeline fails after being shrunk and extended again.
  • Enhanced AML script:
    • 1. Sub-prop control enhancement
    • 2. New FullStop state for Move Command.
  • Enhanced: Smaller watermark for EX version.
  • Enhanced: Real-world camera setting (35mm format)

v3.2 released 29 December-08

  • Enhanced: Performance enhancement on computers with multi-core CPUs.
  • Enhanced: Option to launch your video player after video output is finished.
  • Enhanced: 'Align Actor Motion' option under 'Animation/Motion' is checked by default now.
  • Enhanced: Updated the BackStage program icon.
  • Enhanced: The 'Show/Hide' status of all items is now saved when a project is saved.
  • Added: iClone data files now support thumbnail displays (when browsing for files for example)
  • Added: 'Lock Ratio' option for UV editing under 'Material & Texture Settings'.
  • Added: 'Effect All Channels' option for UV editing under 'Material & Texture Settings'.
  • Added: Default Content - 3D Spaces under Props
  • Added: Default Content - Artificial Eye uner
  • Added: Height adjustment for Sky props
  • Fixed: CloneCloth Caracters did not display 'Drop' and 'Wall' shadow effects properly in Pixel-Shader mode.
  • Fixed: CloneBone characters with parts already attached could not be loaded.
  • Fixed: Loading iClone2 projects would display all particle effects at twice the speed.
  • Fixed: Loading projects would sometimes not open the reminder message to save your current project.
  • Fixed: Saving a project would use the current view for the thumbnail of this project.
  • Fixed: Trinity's eye color could not be adjusted.
  • Fixed: e-mail addresses with too many characters could not be used to log into iClone3 EX.
  • Fixed: The 'Jeep' iProp could not be animated using the right-click commands on iClone3 EX.

v3.1 released 21 November-08

  • Added: iClone BackStage Live Content Access
  • Added: WidgetMe (Beta) - transparent Flash movie for the web
  • Added: Flexible spring for natural movement
  • Added: Material key frame editing and animation
  • Added: AML templates and interactivity
  • Added: Hair offset for character
  • Added: Drop Shadow and Wall Shadow supported
  • Enhanced: CloneBone character system
  • Enhanced: Facial animation
  • Enhanced: Material Pick and UV offset/tiling
  • Enhanced: Reduce iClone loading and speed up program initialization
  • Fixed: Crashed when loading iClone 2.5 projects with no character included.
  • Fixed: 'invalid project' warning appeared when loaded projects from some previous versions.
  • Fixed: AML script errors on props and characters
  • Fixed: Undo & Redo caused crash in some conditions.

v3.03 released 15 September-08

  • Fixed: For graphics cards that only support Quick Shader, application crashed during final render in some condition.
  • Fixed: Crashed when users chose Head>Texture>Diffuse> Launch Editor, then back to iClone and select Glow>Launch Editor.
  • Fixed: Director Mode using W.A.S.D. keys to move character and camera at the same time, the character would be reset to the original position.
  • Fixed: Application crashed when using iClone 2 motion with Sample Transform.
  • Fixed: Removed redundant materials.
  • Fixed: Some old prop content appeared incorrectly in iClone3.
  • Added: Timeline tab keys - Tab: next key; Shift+Tab: last key.

v3.02 released 28 August-08

  • Fixed: Non-English language issue, caused character damage and unable to apply motion
  • Fixed: Non-English language issue, chose Actor/Special, applying body style caused crash
  • Fixed: Geforce FX 5200, Quick Shader, export BMP format with final render caused lockup
  • Fixed: In Hand Combat project, changing character caused crash
  • Fixed: Apply G2 character, select Head/Face/Modify/adjusting face feature, drag scroll bar caused crash
  • Fixed: Exporting project with GIF animation 800x600 caused crash
  • Fixed: G3 character applied G1 object, undo and redo caused crash
  • Fixed: [Content Pack] Wedding Planner pack > Minister, open Groomsman caused crash
  • Fixed: [Content Pack] Filmset and Props > 3D Scene, open Classic Living Room caused crash
  • Fixed: [Content Pack] import iClone Theme Pack > Horse & Tack, open some props caused crash
  • Fixed: Obvious user interface defects
  • Fixed: Default content defects
  • Fixed: Glow Map disable issue
  • Fixed: Click expand (+) and clap (-) on Scene Manager/Lighting caused crash
  • Fixed: Most of the content pack compatibility issues
  • Fixed: Cannot output a TGA file with the alpha channel
  • Fixed: Director Mode, operate command caused crash on some objects
  • Fixed: Some imprecise messages
  • Fixed: Click Mouth/Light/Head caused crash in some conditions
  • Fixed: Two characters looking at each other caused unnatural head movement
  • Added: Provide horizontal scroll function on Timeline Editor
  • Added: Disable Vertex Shading and Pixel Shading when the graphic card does not support
  • Enhanced: MP4 export quality
  • Enhanced: Graphic Card compatibility on Intel, ATI (HD3650), nVIDIA(GeForce6 Series)
  • Enhanced: G2 character mouth movement and visual quality

v3.0 released 09 August-08

  • Added: Two production modes: Editor Mode and Director Mode
  • Added: Scene manager for total project asset list and access
  • Added: Right-click menu system
  • Added: Undo/Redo
  • Added: New G3 Character
  • Added: Facial Normal Map
  • Added: Direct 3D object manipulation
  • Added: Attach and Link (scene objects to characters)
  • Added: Dramascript XML mod scripting for creating custom actor and object interactivity
  • Added: Direct actor motion editing, FK, IK (No external Motion Editor required)
  • Added: Tab track editing
  • Added: Multi-actor timeline editing for Pro users
  • Added: CrazyTalk5 auto lip-synch compatible
  • Added: MP3 Import
  • Added: Multi-camera system
  • Added: Enhanced lighting system
  • Added: Material Editing
  • Added: Terrain + Sky + Grass, Water & Foliage Scene builder
  • Added: Multiple Shader selection and preview options (Wireframe to Pixel Shader)
  • Added: Flash Output

v2.5 released 22 October-07

  • Added: Direct Picking and Manipulating Selected Objects.
  • Added: Add Linkage between Objects and Characters.
  • Added: Large Scene Camera.
  • Added: New demo Project.
  • Added: Press the 'E' key to quickly auto level the camera back to the upright position if the camera gets tilted.
  • Added: Press the 'F' key to zoom the camera view to the front of the selected object.
  • Added: Press the 'Home' key to view the selected object from top right position.
  • Added: Rotate and orbit camera to the “F” or “Home” keys focused objects.
  • Added: Camera templates for medium, large and extremely large scale scenes. Film large cityscapes, terrains, architecture and more.
  • Data Fixed: Jack CloneCasual fails to adjust color.
  • Data Fixed: Jack Casual 's shoes under floor board.
  • Data Fixed: The finger become too long after the body size is adjusted.
  • Data Fixed: Some illegible node name is modified to be more readable.
  • Enhancement: The ears can be modified to be more distinctive.
  • Enhancement: Default pose become more than upstanding.
  • Program Fixed : Crashing problem when wav file is imported and then export the project to an avi file.
  • Program Fixed : Crashing problem when all props are removed and reverted.
  • Program Fixed : Fail to apply teeth or eyes when non-standard character is applied and replaced with G1/G2 character.
  • Program Fixed : The face fails to receive light in the final export result after specific dynamic light is applied.
  • Program Fixed : The hands collapse after some certain motions are applied to the character.
  • Program Fixed : The hair has mistake in quick shader render mode.
  • Program Fixed : Crashing problem when user apply gesture on timeline (18000 Frames) and click fit to windows.
  • Program Fixed : To improve character posture include :
    • G1 Character
    • G2 Character
      Jack Clone Casual
      Jane Clone Casual
  • Added: Vista support - iClone 2.1 works with Windows Vista.
  • Program Fixed: Fail to apply hand gestures to G2 characters. Click to view
  • Program Fixed: Visual defect in the facial texture adjustment for certain hair style. Click to view
  • Program Fixed: Fail to export AVI video. Error Message 'Cannot initialize video encoder; export failed.'
  • Data Fixed: Updated default Jane Casual character with a better face shape and hair style.
  • Data Fixed: Fail to adjust color on Jack Casual's shoes. Click to view
  • Data Fixed: Fail to apply accessories - Microphone. Click to view
  • Data Fixed: Remodel Jack CloneCloth Casual character to remove the extruded chest. Click to view
  • Data Fixed: Remove shoulder joint twist for certain motion data (list below). Click to view
    Dance\Rock and Roll
  • Added: G2 Character - enhanced bone structure and texture details
  • Added: G2 CloneCloth Character - dual-layer, custom garment design
  • Added: Be able to save accessories with custom Characters
  • Added: Particle Effects - full control over particle parameters
  • Added: Fog
  • Added: LivePlants for 3D Scene
  • Added: Foot sliding removal
  • Added: Multi-channel textures export
  • Added: HD video size output - 1280 x 720 (720P), and 1920 x 1080 (1080P)
  • Fixed: Black and white slanting video in Avi format is exported when user key in specific dimension
  • Fixed: Crashing as the Insert key on the keyboard is pressed while any Template Folder in File Manager is focused
  • Fixed: Crashing when beta Effect Pack is loaded and applied
  • Fixed: Incorrect display of Motion Total Frame
  • Fixed: Wrong tag name in Modify page of Accessories
  • New: Speed up rendering speed from 2x to 20x

    Test in Medium Level Hardware (Pentium4 3GHz, 2GB RAM, ATI Radeon X1300 128MB)
    *Best Rendering Mode iClone v1.52
    iClone v1.51
    **Quickest Rendering Mod iClone v1.52
    iClone v1.51
    Test in High Level Hardware (Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 2.13GHz, 1GB RAM, GeForce 7600GT 256MB)
    *Best Rendering Mode iClone v1.52
    iClone v1.51
    **Quickest Rendering Mod iClone v1.52
    iClone v1.51
    *Best Rendering Mode means choosing Pixel Shader , Anti-Aliased, Reflection, Bump and Glow with Texture size 2048x2048 in Preference pane. Also turn on Fine Render with Anti-Aliased parameters in Render Quality section of Export function.

    **Quickest Rendering Mode means choosing Quick Shader and Anti-Aliased with Texture size 2048x2048 in Preference pane. Also turn on Quick Render without Anti-aliased in Render Quality section of Export function.

  • New: Select video compressor before exporting video files
  • New: Be able to export AVI up to 2GB in FAT32 format hard disk.
  • New: Now be able to export AVI larger than 4GB with NTFS format hard disk.
  • New: Convenient Hotkeys for Move, Rotate Character and Offset Character Shadow.

    Function Hotkey
    Move character Alt+up/down = move (Z)
    Alt+right/left = move (X)
    Rotate character Alt+left/right = rotate (Y)
    *Offset Character shadow Ctrl+up/down = move (Y)
    Tips - Speed character movement: combining 'Shift' key to 10 times increase the character movement or rotate speed

  • Fixed: iClone launch failure message.
  • Fixed: Lighting color doesn't change after light template is applied.
  • Fixed: Sound volume sync problem between System and iClone sound recorder.
  • Fixed: iClone crashes when exporting WMV or AVI files with certain 3D graphics cards.
  • Fixed: Under some circumstances, hands will become strange shape after users enlarge hands.
  • Fixed: To eliminate the beeping noise at the end of exported video files.
  • Fixed: Fix Hero's neck connection problem.
  • Fixed: Increase the load speed of thumbnail images
  • Fixed: correct the initial offset problem in walking motion files
  • Fixed: Hotkey changes - see Performance Issue and Tuning in iClone1.5 manual
  • New: Be able to turn off the warning message when load projects without standard characters (press Ctrl-Shift-L)
  • New: Add a high-resolution 3d sphere in \Props\3D Blocks\
  • New: Real-time Pixel Shader supporting the following visual effects
    - bump map
    - normal map
    - reflection (environmental map)
    - alpha channel (opacity map)
    - self-cast shadow (nVidia only)
    - vertex color
    - UV texture animation
    - particle effects
  • New: Multi-texture Editing for characters and props
    - diffuse, bump, opacity, reflection, glow map
    - planer, box, spherical, cylindrical, texture UV mapping
  • New: Animation Tracks and Timeline Control
    - camera, lighting, hands, animated props, animated accessories, 3D
  • New: Preinstalled Content
    - 3D Blocks System ( 45 items in 7 categories)
    - 3D Surface System (4 items)
    - 3D Billboard (1 item)
    - 3D Architecture (6 items)
    - Texture Library ( 43 items in 5 categories)
  • New: Motion Editor 1.5v (Studio only)
    - numerical joint data input
    - align whole motion - anti-foot sliding
    - reset pivot: lock pivot to the same XY location, prepare loop motion for timeline animation
    - fixed: copy and paste joint rotation to the whole motion segment
  • New: BVH Converter (Studio only)
    - be able to define BVH profile, convert and fine tune BVH motion data
  • New: Complete content thumbnail in trial version
  • New:'Content Developer Info' button
  • New: Screensaver loading status
  • Fixed: Screensaver loading defect
  • Fixed: Trial version splash defect