After 5 major updates, we have successfully achieved the mission of allowing iClone to freely import and export any 3D talking characters to and from your favorite CG software. The newly updated ability to export complete body, facial, accessory and constraint animation data makes iClone the easiest 3D character generator and animation editor for other 3D tools. In addition, V5.5 finally makes detailed height map terrain editing possible for everyone.

Export iClone Talking Characters to 3D Tools & Game Engine

Whether you have a cartoon character or a more realistic looking human model, you can take advantage of the advanced automatic lipsync and comprehensive set of body motion tools in iClone. Create your own character face from a 2D image, apply some lipsync and quick body animation, then export your new custom character into any 3D tool you want!

One File for All. Export & Reuse Full Body Animation

Instead of separately saving your character's facial expressions, body motions, constraint results, visibility, sound, and accessory motion data into different custom libraries for further reuse, MotionPlus provides you an efficient way to include all of this animation data into a single file, which you can split later, giving you the flexibility to merge partial animation from different files and projects.

Animate Your CG Characters & Render in Engines of Your Choice

Feel the advantage of iClone's facial and body editing speed and power! Characters designed in other 3D tools can be easily brought into iClone via 3DXchange, and exported it back in FBX format to fine-render in other 3D tools. Doing this can save hours upon hours of work and render time.

Universal Facial & Body Control for Any 3D Tool

Unlike most 3D tools that require professional scripting skill to create unique control rigs for each character, iClone provides you with a universal control system for both facial and body animation. With its intuitive facial puppet and HumanIK capabilities, you can fully unleash your creativity and give life to your production dreams!

Create Your Own Custom Height Map Terrain

The 5.5 update allows you to modify the height and shape of the landscape via a gray scale image, and further smooth out majestic mountains, turning them into gentle slopes. By dragging in different materials and textures, you can quickly change a lively grass field into a harsh wasteland.

Tools and Assets To Maximize
the Power of iClone5.5 & 3DXchange5.5

Character Animation

Add-on Assets

Learn to Facial Animate 3D Characters

Animate characters from different facial rigs


Test Out Animated Accessories

Create your monsters and create cool accessory animations!


Natural Scene

Design Tools

Create Terrain from Scratch

Sculpt to create heightmap terrain and material masks for iClone5


Multi-texture & Seamless Tile

Generate photo-realistic, protruded materials from your own images


Add-on Assets - Terrain and Sky

Essential Terrains of the World

10 Terrains40 Materials26 Ground Decals

Versatile terrains for any natural background. Free-to-mix material library.


Cinematic HD Sky Map

60 Sky

Refresh your sky look with high-res photos from professional aero photographer


Add-on Assets - Flora and Plantation

Biosphere for Wild Life

400 Variations

Choose matching 3D grass and trees for your geological terrain


Domestic Gardening

136 Props96 Live & 3D Plants3 Terrains

Construct your dream garden with vivid 3D trees, grass, and beautiful flowers